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15 year old step son

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HI so hes coming back today : ( im making dinner after work and he will walk in and not say hi. This time i feel like telling him to go outside and try again. Over privliged ass  How can someone walk in while someones cooking dinner in there house and not say hi .. peek in and say a quick hello before sitting his ass down on the couch while waiting for dinner to be ready. I cant stand him. here we go again. . 

My partner walks in with the 2 of them the 8 year old comes to me and says hi and stuff, my partner will say hi of course, not the 15 year old, what kind of person acts like this ? 

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Its come to the point i dont even want him to come anymore, he will be 16 in 2 months enough is enough,, hes not only rude, but unclean, weird, brain dead, well he thinks he knows everyone but trust me he does not. eats like a pig. the kicker is the moment they open that door and hes rude and doesnt say hello it starts me off on a bad foot. i just hate it. 


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My skids 14/16 would walk in with headphones in and not even look at me and both run upstairs to their room and shut the door. Not exactly easy to live in the same house with someone that acts that way. Super awkward! According to my partner they just sit there silent on their car ride over with ear buds too, they don't even talk to him on the car ride. If it were me I'd tell them take those earbuds out to at least have a conversation as they wouldn't have seen each other in a couple weeks... Rude indeed... You are correct. 

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I do not get it when parents don't realize that the car may be the only time your teens (bio included) actually talk to you. My oldest bio was tacturn to say the least. But, he had an early morning paper route and the deal was if the temperature was below 15F one of us would drive him. (reality was below 20F as the thermometer was not in the sun). Those morning drives were about the only times he really talked. 

I am the wicked second wife. The last time we took DH's grandkids out we picked them up at school and they got into the car with phones on and earbuds inserted. A word of greeting, and then silence. Barely responding when spoken to. We had several stops to make. At our first one I made them put the phones in the trunk. I told them that they seldom saw their grandfather and that I expected them to talk to him. I'm sure they complained to their mom (SD) as the next time they visited our house with their mom, the phones stayed in their car. 

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Just ignore him. He's not worth your mental energy. Too bad your DH isn't raising his son better, though.

Make sure in return, you do nothing for him.

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I have 2 of the same specimens. After 3 years of me pointing out to SO that in this house we all have manners and say hello and goodbye to each other, I still hear him coaching his kids to do that.  Even now, they sometimes ignore him! They're 11 and 14 FGS. I no longer bother about it. The kids are clearly both rude and useless. I refuse to parent more than SO and make it clear to all concerned that SO is raising his kids exactly as he wants them to be. I cannot stand their manners and values, not because they're kids but as people. 

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Thats 100 percent correct ,, its not i ahte things and manners ect because hes a kid, i just dont like him as a person. I dont know who would really