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A few suggestions...

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I like the idea of having a forum just for venting - it may minimize the antagonizing replies people get if that forum is specified.

I also like the idea of having a forum for the good stuff. Smile

BM/BD issues section, marriage issues section, maybe a few off-topic sections to give this place more of a community feel - off-topic, TV/Movies, etc.

And, of course, assuming y'all read my post in the site suggestions forum, have differing levels of security depending on the topic. I know for myself, I feel a little anxious posting sometimes in case someone I know stumbles across this site.

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Yeah I'm for a forum called "Sunshine Sally" and one called "Negative Nelly". Smile

Alternatively I'm for a forum where nobody gets to say they "hate" anyone under the age of 13. Wink

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Well, the forum header here was "I'm looking for new forum topic" or something along those lines, so these are just some that popped into my head. Smile

I think some of the distinction between the forums might help people get more of the responses they're looking for.