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GAL believing EVERYTHING the BM is saying

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DH met with the GAL and the bioytch today. DH said he felt like he was in an ambush. I told him that BM is very good at making herself look good and him look bad. The GAL actually asked him if he didn't like her....he actually stated yes. The GAL stated that he had to get over his issues with her.

The GAL wants to recommending to split the kids. SS14 with BM, SS13 with DH and the youngest one with ADHD SS11 split 1 week on 1 week off. When DH asked how is the good for him when he needs consistancy, the GAL stated then she could recommend him stay where he is(with BM)

In a previous blog the medication that she didn't get a prescription for over 2 months she told the GAL that she was able to save the pills during Xmas break. I already counted 17 days of Xmas break....the math doesn't add up. The GAL believed her. It seemed that there wasn't much she didn't believe. The GAL tried to push him into the settlement right then....DH said he had to talk the his attorney.

DH is waiting for his attorney to come back from vacation but he did call him and the attorney called back and stated....we are going to trial!


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Im sorry for you both.The CAC we had was such a waste until about the 4th session then BM started to show her true colors!I hope that all goes well for you both and for the sake of your youngest SS.

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That doesn't sound right - you would think someone could be impartial in their position. Oh well, ha ha, right?! I am glad you have an attorney. I have no experience with GAL, just want to say, that is BS.

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Said the GAL was being stupid. DH meets with him next week I am having DH ask him if the documentation of over 40 pgs is going to be shared with the GAL or not. BM has an answer for everything. Its funny the stories she tells.....

BM needs to move from her rental house. BM Mom (75 and on social security) is buying her a house. She told the ayyorneys in her deposition that her rent would be under $700.

I get an email for updated listings on real estate and that house is listed. According to the realtor...Just back on the had been denied.....DH brought it up in their meeting with the GAL BM stated that the realtor was lying.

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to work out a fixed placement schedule. He proposed a ridiculous schedule that had skids bouncing every other day between houses.....why? So that everyone could work around BM's work schedule. GAL essentially gave BM almost everything she wanted (getting skids always on her days off, vacation weeks, holidays etc) even though she and DH have 50/50. DH and I finally said we would work w/ the GAL's schedule because we're so tired of fighting. The joke is, BM responds back to GAL that she is refusing his proposal because the specific days off of work which she would have the skids aren't ones that SHE picked. Also because she feels the GAL should have given her a 3hr First right of refusal. So now I guess we're off to court. Seems like even the biased GAL isn't good enough for her.

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What is that?

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Is the court appointed attorney for the kids. The Gurardian ad Litem is supposed to make a recommendation to the court about what is in the children's best interests

"Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean people aren't out to get me"

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Thanks, Sorry for my ignorance... Wink