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OT - Happy Krampusnacht!!

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You better watch out,
You better not cry,
You better not pout,
I'm telling you why,
Santa Claus is coming to town.....tonight!!! And he's bringing his alter ego KRAMPUS!!!!

Krampus comes on the night of December 5th each year to punish and take all the bad little children. He puts them in his basket and takes them off to his lair to torture and eat them.

Fun stuff!! Be good!!

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Biggrin My Oma would tell this story every year.

Year before last the movie came out on Christmas. We took the boys. They do not know much about their German heritage. BM only told them they were Irish.

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lol... I was born in Lahr... and never heard of this.

Then again, I was just born there, I wasn't raised with the culture.

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Never heard of this folklore. Krampus must pick up a lot of steps on the way. If only this were true, then this board would not have so many SM's crying out for help and advice Wink

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I never heard this story either. I guess you learn something new every day!!! Happy Krampusnacht!

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Happy Krampusnacht to you and your family. Smile

My son is half Swiss so we do the Swiss version. Krampus is Schmutzli in the German part of the country and Père Fouettard (from "whip" in French). St Nicolas' alter ego carries a broom of twigs for administering punishment to children whose behaviour throughout the year has not been up to scratch.

I think my SD will have a sore backside tomorrow! Many kids on this board will be screaming "ouch".

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My BS's Grossmutter is Austrian/German so I got to learn about Krampus when BS was just 5 months old with a lovely book that Grossmutter sent from Germany. }:)

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Oh if only it were true! The savings in CS would be epic.

On this forum anyway seems every SM's bank account is being indirectly drained by rotten mothers and their subsequently feral spawn.