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The smirking 12 year old girl is in the house!

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So here we are......

I have disengaged, however in my home she cleans up her crap...... I refuse to accept her dirt in any part of my home. I have no worries about ensuring all of my home is clean, including her room.

If she hasn't cleaned her teeth and is walking around in dirty clothes, despite having lovely clean clothes availiable for her. I won't go out the door with her and so she stays home, bored.

She has taken from my family, and not given a toss about how kind they have been, even to the point of denying that a family member had put £50 in a card for her.

Tonight she has sat smirking at me, her dad has already had a go at her for her attitude and STILL it's not working.

She has upped the behaviour problems at age 12 and she lives here all of the time.

I am beyond sick of this kid that has just sat here in front of her father smirking at me.

He to be fair has accepted that I care for nothing with this kid aside from my home is clean, if she is to live in it.

Disengagement on my part has been the biggest eye opener for him. He used to say it was me, being narky....until he has had to cook her meals, wash her clothes, manage her attitude and lazy, conceited, bratty ways.


Is she for god damn real?

I would love some advice from all of you, in particular those that have seen the end results of giving up giving a shit!
I have a feeling that had I been engaged, we wouldn't be seeing this now.

Oh and I told her that her shitty attitude will get her a one way ticket out of my home and to her mothers by Sunday as I am not interested in her!!!! * yikes* #iwish
And breathe.......

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Agreed. We don't have the answers. But we have ears for venting. We are back to problems again ourselves. Sigh.

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I knew I could rely on you lot!!!!!!!! Ha love those replies!! Yes you are right - ignoring her smirking is the best move, ignoring her full stop is even better.
I tend to throw her stuff in the bin if it's left lying about, in fact I don't let her bring too much crap here anyway. She kicked off her shoes and left them lying about, so I put them through the cat flap and left them outside all night. Needless to say she hasn't done it since.
I like the idea of smirking when she gets told off by her father, which tends to be all of the time as she is driving him nuts!
She was charging up 2 iPhones everyday- one off her mother and the other her dads old one. I have soon stopped that, I am not paying electricity for her to have 2 phones running!
Sally you are right, she always comes out with ridiculous comments about stuff, must be a common thing with weirdo skids!!! I just think the only way forward is to ignore her completely.
Thanks for your help you lovely ladies!