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Twit Has the Nerve to Show Up at My House on Father's Day!

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Well, you all know about Twit and the dog and how DH feels about it. Sooo, early evening a knock at the door yesterday brought a very unpleasant abiet short surprise.

Here was Twit and her husband standing there. They came over to pick up some cooking sherry! It is a long story, but with the drunk kid, Twit sent all her wine, booze, etc. even cooking sherry (cause the drunk was even drinking that) up to our house. Not my idea, but DH allowed it back in, oh March I believe and it is not worth fighting about IMHO.

That was all she wanted, the cooking sherry. Bragged about a few things and left. BTW, she called to her father, on her way down the walk - Happy Father's Day. I was stunned! Heck, she could have traveled another few blocks and bought a bottle of cooking sherry and left us alone.

DH was polite about it but it is easy to see that he is conflicted/confused by her marginal behavior even though he is not saying much.

Twit is one twisted sister, no doubt about that.

DH heard, and received cards from my DD and his other two children, but it is easy to see is was hurt by Twit.

Did get the latest lowdown on drunkie. Seems Twit is still trying to get him off the DUI for reckless endangerment. The deal offered by the DA was 1 year probation and, if drunkie kept a clean record for 5 years, the DUI would be expunged. BUT, and get this, Twit doesn't want that because it will cost her $2,000 upfront and $50.00 a month for a year! DH asked why it would be costing her that, drunkie is the one that should be responsible for the fine and monthly probation fee. Me, I say nothing, I just walked back inside the house and listened, shocked by what I was hearing.

Also turns out the new dog was stolen. Seems, Twit's story is the dog was owned by someone who allegedly didn't take care of it and it ran loose so, one of her "team" (pot and pan team) got the dog for her and they have to keep it quiet where the dog is! That explains why Twit was telling her Dad they were going to put up a fence. Geez, what kind of perverts are these two, the one old dog was totally emaciated and couldn't move and Twit couldn't do the right thing, and now she steals a dog to take its place. Maybe she can't adopt a pet from the local humane society, I don't know.

I just had to post this because I don't want to talk about it to DH and I just needed to get it off my chest, so to speak. The more I hear the more scared I am of Twit, something just isn't right at all here. When the housing market improves here we are moving to some place Twit free and safe.

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Good catch and good point. Heck, it was an open bottle and cooking sherry does go flat after a few months, or less, of being opened. It wasn't my cooking sherry, it was her stuff that has been in our garage since the beginning of March.

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DH doesn't know yet that we WILL be moving, but when the time comes for me to put the house on the market he will.

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You know cat, I just nicely brought that matter up with DH last week because the boxes of booze are cluttering up my garage floor and we have to keep moving them or stepping over them. I figure they have been here since March, she KNOWS she has a problem with drunkie, but it is not MY problem.

Also, as long as we have the booze, she doesn't have to worry about drunkie getting into it, eventhough he walks to the local gas station that sells booze and gets it other places.

I can guarantee you that if it was my stuff in her garage it wouldn't be there long. She doesn't like to be inconvenienced.

Oh, and as far as shipping it over there I will put it out on the garage apron and tell her to come and get it because if it is there on garbage day it is going out with the trash.

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No, I certainly don't trust Twit's judgement on what is animal abuse. And I don't believe DH does either. The sad thing in that story is that her buddy stole the dog for her because it was running loose around her area. Ummm, Twit just lost a dog, it was shot by a farmer, because she lets her dogs run loose and it was chasing the farmers chickens.

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NOte one other thing here. Twit's adult son, the drunkie, is still drinking, she knows it, and she is trying to get him out of a DUI! She certainly isn't helping him at all. He is going to be right back at it if she gets her way with reckless driving. Just what we need, another drunken bum on the road again. Sure he is my stepgrandson, but drinking and driving is a no no. And generally in DUI accidents, it is the innocent people who die or get badly hurt. The drunk generally survives.

And, yes, I am also wondering where the heck her husbands brains are. But from what I have heard, and from what DH said when he lived down there, her husband isn't around a lot. He puts in a lot of hours at works and then comes home and goes into his man cave. To me this also speaks volumes. Seems Twit doesn't have the happy, happy perfect marriage she loves to brag about.

I would venture to say that if things keep on as they are Twit is either going to have a major breakdown, especially if drunkie gets the DUI and eventually violates parole (he will). He isn't taking the situation seriously or trying to sober up. Thinks AA meetings are a joke. I don't mean to be nasty to say that, in fact I think it would be for the best. Maybe, just maybe, she might get a clue on life then. But somehow, with her problems, it would be very, very difficult.

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Theft of livestock or any part of livestock used to be punishable by hanging in Texas. Are you in Texas by chance? }:)

If you are, her theft of the dog may give you an great opportunity to solve the Twit issue once and for all. Ha! Biggrin