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darling stepdaughter put up a family picture tree on her wall today when her dad and I went over there was no picture of her dad on the wall in the family tree dad was hurt and upset me completely pissed off even if she doesn't put a picture up of me with her father like she has with her mom and her boyfriend she could at least include her father's picture in the family tree... her dog who they are getting rid of because of random biting of the step grand daughter has a spot. Getting rid of the dog is another ball of wax. She a llows child to jump on dog pull dogs tsil pull dogs ears then wonders why she bites... disengage disengage.. hate my husbands feelings got hurt.

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It was a hurtful thing to do and I'd be pissed off too. She did it specifically to get a rise out of him (and you) so don't take the bait. However, I would definitely put a little distance between her and yourself. Hopefully your DH will take a cue from you and add a little distance himself. I always say.... give the fans what they want! lol. Wink

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I agree with Alreadygone completely. Also, if she is giving up that dog to a local shelter, I would be calling and telling them the truth of the matter. The child is pulling it's ears, etc. Otherwise, they may very likely put the dog down. SO wrong.