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Apropos of nothing…

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I just ate a Lean Cuisine Lemongrass chicken and I feel like I Could eat a whole ‘nother one

I’m still hungry…

Please join on in this conversation I'm having in my head if you have ever experienced the same


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Yup .. I hate those things. They may be low in calories, but they're high in crap that's bad for you .. none of which fills you up.

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I totally agree. And if you do eat enough of them to fill you up, well, you might as well have just made an ordinary lunch. I'm . . . not a fan.

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I never thought of them as being 'bad' for you... we eat mainly a 'whole food' diet but I have to admit those Lean Cuisines are my 'go to' when I don't have anything to take to work for lunch

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The biggest "bad guy" in all of these pre-packaged, frozen microwave meals is sodium. Almost all of them have a TON.

I suppose they're not terrible in a pinch, but I've known people who eat them everyday at lunch for weeks on end. :O

If you're looking for low-calorie foods to sustain you through lunch, there are better ways to do it. Lean Cuisine is just convenient. Smile

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Yep. They'll advertise "low-fat" & be LOADED with sodium & sugar.

ETA: I find it best to eat "normal" food that tastes good being watchful of portion size.

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Trader Joe's has awesome lunch for one meals if you have one in your area. So does Whole Foods.

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We do have a Trader Joe's not too far from my house, I keep meaning to check them out

when you're running out the door to go to work, and you basically just take your 'lunch break' eating at your desk... especially when there's torrential downpours of rain today... I just was happy to have something in the freezer to grab and go
(though i do have leftover veggie soup in there that would have been mor fulfulling than this was)

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Totally been there! I'm super lucky because my work building is connected to a Whole Foods by the garage .. so I can short cut the rain on days like today if necessary Smile

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It's convenient .. but it definitely adds up after awhile! Whole Foods is $$$!!

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I love the breakfast buffets there. Does your have that? I had a flax seed blueberry pancakes, some fruit, and two scoops of a scrambled egg mix and it was about $3.50 because you pay by the lb.

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Yes! We do have the hot and salad bars open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Breakfast isn't so bad, but lunch can get to be expensive. Especially if you deviate from the salad bar .. or go everyday .. Blum 3

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I jsut had a lc macaroni and cheese. YUM! I like my frozen dinners-I eat them about 4 days a week for lunch. I also had an orange and a banana with mine. I always add fruit or some celery/carrots to round out my meal. That way I 'm not still hungry.

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I will only east non meat, pasta type of frozen meals. I like the rigatoni and meatless lasagna ones too.

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Better than a soft pretzel to 'round out the meal'
No... I didn't

okay, I did but only half

I'm saving the other half for later

Blum 3

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"Yeah, I tried one, but it didn't fill me up, so I ate a few more." SMH.

That's exactly how I felt

oh and I just finished the other half of that pretzel... later came much sooner than I anticpated

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If it makes you feel better, I always eat 2 or 3 100 calories snack packs. One just doesn't do it for me Smile

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"So of course I am too cheap to actually make a plate large enough to fill me up. So I eat a little, spend way too much and am hungry 15 minutes later."

This is EXACTLY the type of thing I do all the time!

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I do this too! i'll also get a frozen bag of mixed veggies, and bring a potato to pop in the microwave for a 'baked potato'. you can get several lunches out of that, even great sandwiches, bbq chicken- then take what's left home for ckn noodle soup or chicken stock! mmmmmm

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I always have either stock or the carcasses of roasted chickens in the deep freezer. it's great to not have to buy chicken broth at the store

Costco has great rotisserie chickens and I think they're like 5 or 6 bucks. they're BIG too, so when it's me, hubby and DD we can get dinner and then lunch for me and hubby and then the bones go into the freezer for stock.

I clean out the fridge when the celery is getting a little limp and nothing goes to waste.