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Jingle bells or jingle guilt...

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HOHOHo.... I have such guilt and i guess i need feedback. Disengaged from SD42 in Oct.made it thru Tgiving w/o step grands around. Have shopped for them for Christmas and I just will not deal with SSD or S SIL for Christmas. I do all that usually and I just can't pretend to want to this year. DH can get them all something if he wants...but Not me. We did both go to grands Christmas program and that went well.
I do feel sad for no step grands to be here for christmas eve, but not bad enough to start in again with the crap that comes from it.

sd42 did tweet that they may lose their house , but I don't know if its true or not. step granddaughter looking into very expensive colleges when there is a wonderful community college 2 blks away! I know I know ...ya just can't fix stupid!

The problem is I would walk on burning coal for those 3 step grands and my heart is broken....but I can see apples are not falling far from the tree...they are getting almost as selfish and hateful as their Mother. We have 22 grands all together, but it still stinks that i lost the 3 relationships with these grands. Collateral damage I guess........

Sounds rotten...but I so want to change my will and exclude Sd42....

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There's nothing wrong with how you feel. And there's nothing wrong with taking SD42 out of your will. She's NOT your child - why do you feel the need to give her anything at all? Besides, she's a grown adult and can provide for herself.

I get it about the grandkids (although my daughter is only 14 so I can't personally relate to having them) and how you'd want to be a part of their lives but you can do that without buying them expensive gifts or helping send them to expensive colleges as well. I'd send them each a lovely card and let them know you're thinking of them if you wish.

Try not to concentrate on those who don't make an effort to have a relationship with you. Relationships are two way streets, not a highway and a parking lot. Smile

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"Relationships are two way streets, not a highway and a parking lot."

I love that!

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I heard it a LONG time ago and it's just stuck with me. Some people see the visual of it and "get it" then...:)