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Email to BM I wish I could send.

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It’s been a while maybe a year and a half since I’ve been here. I have been reading and lurking waiting for the right moment to jump back in. There was no contact with Cuntzilla and the skids for a year and a half. Long story for another day. After a weekend of the skids I just need to decompress. So here it goes, an email to BM I wish I could send!

Dear Cuntzilla,

Let me start with you need to stop choking on the bitter pill swallow it already. He is with me, it’s been 3+ years stop swinging from is D*&K. You look like a pathetic, desperate scorned woman. You are nothing to him just his “baby momma”. Your lame attempts at getting him to notice you are to say the least laughable. Look in the mirror you look like and AIDS Patient, the anorexic Karen Carpenter look went out when she did. You look like a 10 year old boy with scary hair; you have no ass, no boobs and NO curves. For F*&ksake eat a cheese burger and brush your hair. Who ever told you messy hair was in style LIED!

Moving on, your kids are the most badly behaved kids I have EVER met in my life. They lack discipline and respect. This is your job as their mother to teach them these things. You dump them off every chance you get because you can’t stand to be around the monsters YOU created. Every weekend or day off you have if they are not with BF and I, you are either asking us to take them or dumping them off on BF’s Mom. PSA the only reason she says yes to you all the time is because the poor woman lives in fear that if she says no to you, you will not let her see her Grandkids. Nice job you are a f&^king tool.

Feeding, bathing and clothing your kids DOES NOT make you a mother! You spend NO time with those little boys. They are starving for your attention and all you car about is playing with your new d*&k. I know how this works, as soon as your new piece of meat sees you for the ugly person you really are he will dump your sorry ass. You will then need your accessories back to make you look like MOTY. You need a slap in the face with reality and I am just the bitch to do it. You pay NO rent, NO utilities, your only expense is feeding and clothing your kids and yet you badger BF for more money. I heard the conversation between the boys and BF yesterday morning. How F*&KING dare you tell those boys they cant have this or that because daddy doesn’t pay. You idiot your little boys should not be involved in that.

Here are a few tips on mothering. First teach them some respect the need it, they jump and run all over the house like it’s a playground, the DO NOT listen to save their lives, they answer back like they are adults. You are raising spoiled, self entitled brats who need a good spanking. It is really no surprise since you yourself was raised this way and is still getting hand outs from Mommy, Daddy and Grandma.

It’s simple when you get home from work, you feed them, bath them and instead of letting them run wild and dismantle your house, spend time with them read a book, watch a movie, play a game. Don’t worry about the computer and all your fake friends on you Mommy websites or stalking me on Facebook, invest some time with your boys. Ohh all of your antics are being documented lol watch out the pendulum is swinging and it’s going to hit you right between the eyes.

Love Me!

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I am ready to cut myh fingers off just not to hit send. The fall out would not be worth it!

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Oh that is just the tip of the ice berg!! Thank god for good friends and this site

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I would love to read some of the emails you ladies would love to send! I can't be the only one!

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I've been with my DH for 8 years now. I actually sent two emails to the crazy BM over that time. Both times I was fuming mad. They were final incidents that were the straw that broke the camel's back and I just couldn't take it anymore. One example: it's 11:30 am on a weekday when BM should have the kids and I am working my job at home. All of a sudden I hear the garage door go up. In walks the 12 year old SS. She couldn't deal with him anymore because he and his sister were bickering as they drove around so she just dropped him off at my house.

I sent her the most scathing email telling her that she made the decision to home school these kids, therefore she was the teacher, therefore they were her problem and if she couldn't figure out how to discipline them it was her business. I told her that our house was NOT the dumping ground to relieve her of her inability to parent. I told her that she had no right to drop the kids off at anytime, not when I pay the mortgage on this house (along with DH) which makes it MY home. And it was not allowed because I work out of the house. I made DH change the locks on the house (just in case she still had a key) and change the code on the garage door. is the key. Send the email from an email address you never use so she can't flood your usual inbox with future crap.. And NEVER read the BM's response. It takes willpower but just delete it. I said what I had to say but I didn't have to deal with the vitriolic spewing bullshit email she sent in response. Also the best part was that I knew it irritated her that I never responded. and why ruin my mental well being by reading anything she had to say. Man, I felt so much better just knowing I said what had to be said.

In a way, it was like poking the hornet's nest. Several years later the SS blames me for the way his BM treated him before she abandoned him last year...all because I sent two short, pointed but not rude or emotional emails. She has bigger problems obviously. So I guess there can be blowback on the kids. But I'm still glad I did it. I felt great!!!!!!