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Christmas + spoiling child + super small bedroom = stress

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Just feel the urge to rant tonight.

I always thought buying presents for kids was super easy,you find out the general cartoons there into or activities and you've got them a gift on chritmas there gonna love! I've shopped for relatives kids, friends kids, never had a problem. but boyfriends kid already has EVERYTHING!!! and not just 1 of everything but in alot of case's 2 of EVERYTHING!! how the heck can you get anything for him? lol and really he does not need anything else, except clothing. but you cant just get them that, it would be a really unhappy christmas for him. so there is one of the dreads of this year, what can we try to get him that's a toy that he would actually play with longer than just the day he opened it. so far we've gotten some board games for toddlers. which will get great use on game nights. and boyfriend had to get him the kinect xbox bundle.... (cause he wanted a new xbox mostly) lol but hes 4, and you want at least one action figure or race track or something under the tree for that age.

Then comes the stress... Boyfriend is wanting to buy him things that he already has at his BM's. I don't know why it bothers the heck out of me. probably cause my sister was super spoiled and the aftermath was awful. lol but we seem to have that conversation all the time and it don't do any good. I had split up parents growing up, and never had 2 of everything. with the exception of a nintendo (cause stepdad wanted to play it) lol but I mean seriously, the kid got the same things last christmas at both parents homes. Its silly. theres kids who hardly get anything, while hes getting 2 of everything. he got 2 train set tables, exact same one, that he don't even play with, and that thing is huge!!

which leads to the 3rd dread! where the heck we gonna put all this new stuff? our main rooms of our house is decent size, but the bedrooms are horribly small, can barely fit our furniture in them. and hes already got so much stuff in that super tiny room, all we can fit in there is a twin size bed, a small dresser and a toybox. so its already impossiable to keep the room clean as it is, and there's really no areas for the current toys to be put up properly. before I stopped cleaning his room, I was stacking play set upon play set upon play set In the small closet. the toy box packed to the top and still had toys lined up along the small walk path. The large train set is already behind the couch in the living room, which is being used to hold the ungodly amount of kids dvds that he never watches. and I really don't want anymore toys spreading out to the main living area, having that in there is already bad enough. and what is bad about this.. is the stuff has been gone through twice and stuff has been donated and trashed. and it still doesn't help. all I know is I'm seriously debating storing a lot of those dvds cause my cats keep knocking down the towers and its not fun to constantly clean up dust collectors. lol

but the kid already has a lot of attitude issues, and everywhere but here, hes allowed to get away with it. which makes my punishing efforts the same battle every time we have him here. I know the spoiling like that is gonna lead for a long road of unhappiness and stress, cause I've already dealt with it with my younger sister growing up. and I really really really do not want to deal with that again, but there's really nothing I can do about it, as soon as he at a realatives or his moms hes gonna be boss again. and I'm doomed to be the "wicked witch". but maybe things will turn around after custody is decided current standings is still half custody.

at least my boyfriend does agree with me though that his ex buys the boy way to I wont have to worry about him over buying for christmas. seen a picture of him with his toys at her house last christmas, and it was horrible, he had enough presents and toys for 20 kids.and by that I dont mean 20 toys, I mean enough for 20 kids to get around 10 really exspensive toys or more per child. she really needs to realize shes making a horrible mistake by doing that. my mom & stepdad went majorly in debt, had there house go in danger of forclosure, and has had many court dates over debt so they could spoil my sister. her way of showing appreciation is a bad attitude and constantly asking for money still going strong at the age of 18.

anyways, I hope everyone has a stress free christmas. Smile

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oh we have donated 3 large garbage bags of things already, and threw away a bag full of stuff that was completely demolished. although talking to him about the less fortunate kids is something I could try, If he agreed to donate all the things he had double of that would be great, then he could just pack the toys he wanted play with during visitation. I know I always had too, and it never was a problem growing up. id have to talk him and dad into agreeing with it though. lol

the parents have weird issues with each other about him taking his stuff back and fourth, like they will get mad at the other if something turns up lost or broke. but I tried to explain to him, its not his or his ex wives stuff, its stuff they gifted to there son. therefor if something is lost or broke its cause the kid was playing with it, or left it somewhere. If they realized this, he wouldn't end up with double's of everything which would help a tiny bit with the spoiling. the hole what I buy for him gets used by him here thing, seems really silly to me. its something I still try to work on with my boyfriend.

Thanky you everyone for the suggestions, but sadly hes already got multiples of those things too, and shows no interest in his educational interactive toys. I did mention to my boyfriend this morning about some kind of creativity toy, but he downed it right away, so I'm about to give up on wracking my brain with gift suggestions. and focus more on the organizing.