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Help! BM wants to take a family picture!!!!!

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I guess it's that time again when families get together and decide to take a professional picture to put on their Holiday cards. Little did I know it would involve my DH's crazy ex!!! This wacko (who by the way just served us with court papers for more CS) wants to know when we can all go to JCPenney's for a family portrait and wouldn't it be wonderful for SD to see all of us getting along. WHAT???!!!! My DH cant stand to be in the same room with her never mind take a christmas photo! But of course, when she called about it he told her it would make ME uncomfortable. So now she thinks I'm the one who is being unreasonable. The woman leaves the nastiest messages on our answering machine about how much of a deadbeat DH is and SD10 never wants to see us --- but we can all take a family photo, including MIL and FIL? Am I losing my mind?

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My family consists of my DH, my kids, his kids. THAT'S IT! My family does NOT consist of ex spouses.

Hey, that gave me an idea! Since this is my first year as an official 'blended' family, holiday cards with photos of my new family is a great idea! I suck at doing the usual Christmas cards so photo cards might just work better Smile Thanks for the idea reeny!

But seriously, you should tell your DH he better not make you the bad guy here and tell the BM she's wacked!

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A couple of words come to mind:

1)Crazy. This BM is certifiable. Perhaps Bi-polar? To leave hateful nasty, messages on your answering one day and then call up and request something like this on the next?? That's right up there.

2)Boundaries. She needs them. And you and your DH need to set them. Now. Do not wait.

LovingLife is 100%! YOUR family is You, your DH and the kid. Period. Not BM, and certainly NOT the in-laws. Enough is enough.

As for getting along, see how nicely she "gets along" when you and DH mail HER YOUR "family photo" Xmas card to her house...

without her in it! }:-)

"Of course things worked out nicely for Carol Brady...she had a live-in maid and Mike's first wife was DEAD!"

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This is almost laughable... if the BM wasn't such a crazy idiot.

I agree with LovingLife that your DH had better be the one to tell the BM to take a hike.

Reeny, you are indeed 110% correct in thinking this is unacceptable.

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What planet does this deluded woman inhabit? She obviously thinks she's something special. Well your dh will have to put her straight on that one that's for sure.

This is exactly the sort of attention seeking behaviour my husband and I have put up with from his ex nutter. Sorry folks I know I'm raving, I'm pre-menstrual but really, this takes the biscuit.

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Tell her you guys WILL be taking a family photo, including MIL & FIL, but that she will NOT be included because SHE is not part of YOUR family! She is SD's family & THAT'S IT. So she can take her own pic with SD. What a nutjob.

"I child proofed my whole house, but they STILL get in!"