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Laugh and head-scratcher for the day

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So SStwinA13 has been here all week as he is really not behaving for BM and things are getting out of control. His week has been fraught with such gems as that she was going to put him out of the car on the highway and call 911 to tell them that he was being physically abusive to her. She is trying to create a case and keeps telling him (and DH via email) that she is afraid that SS is going to hurt her. This kid, mind you, gets hit on a regular basis at her house. The other day she pushed him from behind into the bathtub that she told him to clean, making him hit his head, and when he was crying, she used his phone to take pictures of him. (But she's not abusive!)

Now this woman used to be a very tall, solid woman- bigger than me at that point, and I take a 10 but am frankly much more comfortable in a 12 as I like things baggy. When we all used to hang out, she used to share with anyone who would listen that she was a size 8 in jeans. (Who does that?) Anyway, I asked DH and SStwinA if she has lost a drastic amount of weight, for her to be so incredibly intimidated physically by very average height and weight SS- (who is definitely smaller than her and all of us at this point. Any one of us could take him in the event of a physical scuffle. Not that that would happen because this kid is not a fighter.)

SS replied that she has lost a lot of weight! DH was trying not to laugh because he has seen her recently and she looks just like she always has. But SS then said "When she took us shopping last week she told us that she's a size 4 now."

LMAO. First of all, she is most likely not a 4, and secondly, it's really weird that she needs to tell people- strangers, her children, etc....her size. I don't think any of my kids give a flying fig what size I am, how many calories I consume, etc....

This woman. :jawdrop:


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SSA should simply start creating a case against her as well, talk to teachers, mentions she's abusive etc..... people will more likely believe him then her size 12 ass stuffed into a size 4 skinny jean

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Just spit my coffee out Acratopotes! Omg THANK YOU for that laugh as well as the good idea of documenting everything. Sad that now SS is taking DH's place in her twisted narcissistic plot of life and that there now needs to be an additional file for her nonsense toward him. Wonder how her full/sole custody ploy will shake out? Why does she WANT full custody of a child who she is so "afraid of"?

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ah figured it out, she claims she's scared of her son, she wants sole custody... cause she will try and make it look like DH is abusive towards his children and DH is telling them to be nasty towards her, thus they wil be better off with her and not their abusive father...

Nope SS should start talking to teachers and inform Dad as soon as BM pushes him around or what ever, start building a case

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Our BM brags that she can wear kids' size shoes.

Some people really get off of weird stuff. Sounds like you have a winner!

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Yep, because that makes her better than people who can't wear kids' sized shoes. You know, like her 13 year old daughter who wears a womens' 11. The one she limits food for because she'll get fat. Not that she could get fat, given her metabolism and body type (long and lanky, just like her dad), but since it's not the same as BM's, it must be put down.

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Omg Nengoose wth? Our BM replied to DH’s email re: what to do with SStwinB’s used soccer cleats and indoor shoes. She responded that she should try to wear them to play soccer in. Not only does she not play soccer, but her feet are bigger than his at this point! Lol...these women are very strange.

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Months ago I was in Subway ordering lunch for FH and I, BM has a VERY distinct voice, as I am ordering I hear her, of course with my luck it was not busy and we were the only two customers in line. I just continue ordering and completely ignore her, but I can hear her. They ask her what she would like to order and everything becomes about what has the least calories, she doesn't want cheese because it has too much fat, and she would like her wrap cut and the two pieces wrapped separately because she just can not eat a whole one anymore, she has lost so much weight, blah, blah, blah. By this time I am paying and the guy who is helping me just looks at me and rolls his eyes, and I am seriously trying not to burst out laughing.

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I'm more concerned about the abuse then what size pants BM is lying about. I just can not imagine putting my hands on my BS12 like she did in the bathtub. Makes me sad Sad

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Good point. I don't think she has ever hit him hard enough to have left a mark. He is awfully mouthy and does push until she snaps. We are documenting and whenever she unleashes her nonsense plot for full or sole custody, we will be ready. In the meantime, we will watch and listen for signs that things are escalating to his physical danger. DH is more worried about the mental damage she's doing to these kids.

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I'd be taking pictures of everything SS returns with... If she's shoving ghim like that it has to be leaving marks... He shouldn't have to be living in that kind of environment...

Also our BM lost weight... Drugs... Just saying...

I don't get bragging about your size... I don't even really feel comfortable giving people my size when they ask (I'm a fit person, it's not embarrassment). I just feel it's none of their business and it really doesn't matter.

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We do. You're right- she should not. She is unhinged. She has not been seriously physical up to this point but we need to be vigilant. DH would have no trouble calling CPS if needed.