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O/T; How is everyone doing with this devastating hurricane???

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This is a devastating situation for many people, and wondering if all the ST members that live in the hurricane's path have made it to safety?

Live hurricane news;


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I am in the panhandle and we are catching wind right now. My hubby is a ham radio operator and has been in charge of the SARnet since 7am. It's an emergency use frequency. Lots of power outages. Key West is reported under water. Over a foot of water on the streets of Miami.

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GOOD GOD :jawdrop:

I feel very sorry for people that are on a fixed income; elderly, handicapped and others that can't afford evacuation. That population depends on a public transit system, and since the hurricane has hit, that sure isn't an option.

You are very brave, May God Keep You Safe

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It's tough to see people being so insensitive too. "you should have evacuated earlier..blah blah blah"

Well, the forecasters for quite some time were saying that it was the east coast that was going to be hit.. maybe up in the carolinas. Then there was a last minute shift to the West that meant that all those who thought they were just going to get a garden variety storm... ended up in the path of the hurricane.

Also, it's not that easy to leave if your job might expect you to still work in the week leading up to the storm right? They started evacuations for the tourists in the keys last wednesday.. but others there were still needing to find supplies to board up their homes and then find gas etc... so they could drive out.. if they had cars.

Our home ended up being in the line of fire but by the time it got north of Tampa, it had reduced in strength quite a bit.

Our neighbor just let us know that the house and neighborhood seemed to make it through ok.. and we just had a brand new roof on earlier this year (thanks to the LAST storm).. so we are hoping the house is in good shape considering we are trying to sell it!

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East central FL here. Starting to get some strong winds. Power still on but keeps flickering.

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Hurricane Harvey survivor, we are praying for you. HUNKER DOWN! We live 1.5 miles from Galveston Bay, we got about 4 inches of water in the house, lost the washer and dryer, central air,the list goes on. The most awesome people showed up from all over the country, with their boats to save so many lives, we are grateful. Hang in there FL we will see you on the other side.

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I live in the Fort Myers area, where the eye passed over. My neighborhood was very fortunate.

I do believe I have some PTSD, as do my friends. Our illustrious mayor saying late last night on MSNBC that we were to get 5-7 feet storm surge, when all those warnings had been cancelled after the eye went slightly east of us, was not what I wanted to hear at 10 pm last night with my parents and our combined 10 animals in the house. We had no power so we did not see this or our local meteorologist who corrected her. We just got the ping alert that said to prepare for 5-7 foot storm surge. Awesome.

Some neighborhoods have power. We have a downed tree leaning on an electrical line on our street so that makes things more difficult.

We lost a palm tree and a lemon tree, and several shingles off of our roof (already picking out roof colors....)

We are retired, we don't need to go to work while enduring all this crap, this has brought our the best in most of everyone. We feel very fortunate.

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Praying for you all. It is devastating and beyond scary. Wishing you all strength, safety and a life back to normal.