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Remember this judge and this case??

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The actions of the teens are not as uncommon as society may believe.

(ooppss more than 10words)

I remember this case. The kids and bm were awful. I actually agreed with this Judge.

Always disgusted as to the lengths some moms go to to get back at their x. Kids are their human shields.

**Never ever underestimate a dog on a bone surrounded by a few pieces of meat**
At least that is what my dh and I have learned in life.

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I agree with most of your reply.

BM alienated the skids from SO just to get back at him for giving her the divorce she told him she wanted. During their marriage she always used a potential divorce if he didn't give into her crazy demands. I guess she didn't think he would actually grant her one. After their divorce she used the skids to try and get SO to give into her demands. When she didn't get what she wanted from him, she alienated a skid.
It's all about control!

Skids are starting to come around and are beginning to realize what she has done after all these years, but the damage is done. They will never have the relationship they had before the PAS.