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Ann and the Disney Dilemma

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It's been pretty quiet on the Ann front. I guess the first light of romance has worn off and she doesn't feel the need to talk about Hot Tom and the Special Snowflakes 24/7.

Hot Tom and the Special Snowflakes. Sounds like a shitty pop band!

Anyway, Ann and Hottie and "their three kids" are planning yet another "family" vacation- this time to Disney World. (Oh, the irony!) Ann takes her son Chris every year for five days. It's their thing. So, they made the collective decision for all of them to go. (I guess Hottie can pay his own and his kids' way this time, since he really DOES have a high-paying job, and he IS still at it a month or so later.)

So yesterday for the Fourth, they all went to Six Flags together. Ann and Chris did all the rides together, as they usually do. Sailor Talk Mary said, "I don't DO rides," and the 8-year-old, Luke (who is actually a really decent kid) got in line for all the rides, then started crying while in line and had to leave. So Hottie and his snowflakes really didn't do a whole lot at Six Flags.

Ann and Tom were talking about it later, and he told Ann he really doesn't want to go to Disney for five days; three days will be "plenty" for him. Ann said he was annoyed with his kids; he paid, what, $40 or so for admission for each of them and then they just kind of sat there.

Ann...I have to say I'm proud of Ann. She surprised me with this one. She told Hottie, "Well, that's fine. You can stay for three days, but Chris and I are going for five. Or, maybe you should reconsider the trip altogether. I don't know if I'd want to pay all that money for kids who don't like rides and don't really like to do much else. You think about it."

Good for you, Ann. That's all I have to say about that. I've got hope for her after all.

And that's my little Ann update for those of you who look forward to them. Nothing juicy, but, well, I'm starting to see shades of the old, non-dickmatized Ann and I like it.


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LOL! I'm telling you, when she told me what happened, how she decided to keep her tradition with her son, Hottie or no Hottie, I wanted to jump up and down and squeal. THAT'S the woman I became friends with, not the dickmatized Ann. I didn't realize how much I missed her!

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Way to go, Ann! Although I wonder if hot Tom will break her down before the trip comes up.

Makes me wonder what made Ann realize she was essentially ignoring Chris.

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I really don't know what flipped the switch, but she and Chris both recently started therapy, so I'm sure that has something to do with it.

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I know what flipped the switch. The thought of that man and his kids messing up her DISNEY time had her giving him some serious side eye.LOL

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Yup. I'm sure it's been super hard for him, especially with Ann spending so much time with them and talking about them constantly. I'm glad she's pulled her head out of Hottie's ass.

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Not necessarily growing a set, but finding the ones she lost (hopefully)!

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There has to be something wrong with kids who, are not happy at six flags. Either totally screw up, or a power struggle on there part.
Definitely don't need them making Disney a horror show.

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Me thinks they aren't as open and welcoming to Ann and her child as Ann makes makes it out to be. She's starting realize the glitter and rainbows shooting out of the step unicorn's ass is really just shit upon shit.

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Power struggle. Showing they are still in control in spite of these intruders (ann and chris).

I think they are also picking up on dad's attitude and reflecting it, too. Hot slob doesn't really want to go to amusement parks or he would have taken them before he met ann. So skids are carrying that sword for him. "We're better than you, we don't do rides!" Sounds so familiar to me.

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The skids used to do this for BM. They "hated" doing anything I or SO suggested but then would do the SAME EXACT THING with BM and LOVE it.

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So, so, so true. Wash, rinse, repeat. And variations on a theme. Bringing back awful memories.

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Good on you Ann.......

now be clever and tell Hot Tom... you are only paying for you and your son, he will be paying for him and his snow flakes and the nanny (I still have a feeling Hottie is into the new nanny more) then she will see Hottie will not even go for 3 days