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Luxuries and skids

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My skids seem to think that they are deserving of the most luxurious items in every facet of their lives- mattresses, footwear, fancy foods. Tonight's fiasco took place at a restaurant, celebrating DD's 10th birthday- they wanted to order the filet mignon hibachi, for like $28 each. DH not speaking to me because I told them "no" and that since we are a family of seven, we don't order the higher-priced things on the menu on the rare occasion that we go out. They are eleven-year-old twin boys and these issues come up all the time. Ironically, their mother is currently in foreclosure on her house and shouldn't be living so high anyway. DS11 and DD10's dad makes a really good living and manages his money well, and my kids don't always ask for the most expensive things. They had no idea about how luxurious or basic their mattresses were until twins educated them. That was a fun night. When the hell does this crap end? And why can't it all just go smoothly? Things have been really pleasant around here for the last week or so (and partially because they have been with BM)...


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SS 12 is the same . Orders the most expensive item on the adult menu but when out with BM he still has to eat from the kids menu ( he's a big 12 year old ) and is only allowed to drink tap water at home ..

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It doesn't get better. My skids 18 stb 19 and 22 still aaK for money and the BM is in foreclosure too. But, they all have the latest iphone, etc.

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My skids get completely spoiled by their grandparents...and I worry they have a completely unrealistic view of what the average person can afford.

They don't always ask for luxuries, but they are incredibly careless and cavalier about their things. They have the "we (meaning dad and me) can always replace it" attitude. It's taken a while, but either they've grown up some or we've succeeded in disabusing them of that notion. They used to let iPods go through the wash, lose bikes, smash phones...etc.

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My skids were bad about this as well. I could actually SEE the distaste in my SD when we would go to a thrift store or even a place like Walmart or J.C.Pennys! As they got older, I tried to teach them about using coupons and saving money. It went in one ear and out the other. SD was impressed by how little I paid one time but that didn't last long. As they got older, they wore only Hollister and Abercrombie clothing. My son wore strictly thrift clothes..a trend he kind of continues today.

Of course, BM was the type who would have her groceries delivered. Very handy, I am sure but they won't even ACCEPT coupons if you do it that way!

I feel like my DS was WAY more ready for the real world, financially than the skids.

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Yes, this is already starting to happen with them. We went to buy them some cheap pants while away one time- needed something to get them through since they had "forgotten" to pack enough- and we went to Wal-Mart. The distaste was all over their faces and in their attitudes. Unreal. I guess I should thank my lucky stars that they are NOT girls but I almost think I would be more understanding if they were- I was one once, a thousand years ago it feels like, in a galaxy far far away from this child-centric place- but no, they are boys..boys who think they are princes....whose BM thinks they are princes. Gag!