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Why is everything an argument?

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Why is everything an argument with my 9yo SD? She has been diagnosed with ADD by two different professionals...she is loud, argumentative, disrespectful to authority, and extremely impulsive. Her BM won't put her on medication like the doctors recommended....and it looks like we are going to have to go to court over it.

Frustrating thing is...that until then, I am CONSTANTLY arguing with her. My SD always has to have the last word. I'm not sure if it's an impulse thing and tied to ADD... or if she is just being a brat?

Instead of engaging with her, I find myself just checking out of the situation and letting her just be a little Veruca Salt.

Whatever. Frustrating. :sick:


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My SS is ADHD. Incredibly impulsive, know-it-all (almost always wrong), obstrusive (have had his teachers also express the same) and manipulative at times. His behavior is like black and white when I'm around. When I am not, he takes advantage of my wife and the circumstances. My biggest fear is leaving my kids with him and my wife while I travel. Fortunately my son (biological) knows how to keep my SS from commandeering conversations, situations. Good luck. It's difficult and frustrating. We (mostly me) are trying to provide some strategies for him. I have told the other kids to not let him get away with manipulation, talking over other children, answering other kid's questions, redefining circumstances...ugh. It gets tiring being the bad guy all the time. But, I do not let him get away with anything. He's improved, but more work ahead.

Good luck.

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Thanks! Do you have any particular tools you are using in particular? It is just soooooo exhausting sometimes. I hate it.