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Ughh...he's back and now I'm pissed

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Blah! SS10 is back from spending the weekend at his mother's. It's not like I get to have relaxing weekends when he's not here either. DH and I have to spend so much time with the SS and SD and cater to them even though we have them all the time that I don't get to do what I need to do. I barely get one weekend every other week to take care of what I need to. And, now it's pretty urgent. I'm pregnant and I'm in a lot of pain. I don't know how much longer I have where I'm mobile enough to get ready for the baby's arrival. So, I've spent the entire weekend with DH buying a crib, stroller, car seat, clothes, diapers, etc. and DH has been busy putting all these things together. All of this while I'm putting ice or heat on my front and my back to try and counter all the pain that I'm having. My weekend has been busy with no time to relax.

So, SS walks in the house and I can hear him complaining to DH about all the baby stuff and that it's not fair that he doesn't get anything. WTF!! We went out and bought necessities for the baby and you're f***ing upset! You have a bed, furniture, books, clothes, electronics, and toys out the wazoo! This new baby doesn't even have a single toy yet! It pisses me off and I know that DH is now going to buy stuff for SS to compensate for him "not getting anything while the baby gets stuff." Ughh...I so hate SS. He's a whiny little brat.


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MorriMom LMAO!That was SO funny I have just spat my tea all over my iPad!

This bratty entitlement needs to be nipped in the bud now, I think you need to have a talk to your DH so you are both singing off the same hymn sheet on this one. If he runs off and buys skid unnecessary stuff now just to compensate for buying essentials for baby,when will it end?!

What does he expect that baby sleeps in a shoe box so skid doesn't get offended?!

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How exciting! Me and DH also were in baby assembly mode yesterday! We just did the crib and rocking chair so I still need the bassinet and stroller/carseat, but I'm only half way in so we have some time. This is suppose to be a time for you and your DH to be excited and special. I really really hope you told your DH how stupid it would be to actually go out and by your SS a new something every time the baby gets something. I would remind them both that when SS was a baby he got all this stuff too (even if he didn't, not your fault) and he's had years of birthdays and Christmas to accumulate enough crap that your baby will be playing catch up for the rest of its life. Tell your DH that this is how yalls baby is going to feel while SS gets 2 Christmas's and 2 birthday parties. Is he going to run out and buy your baby more gifts to compensate? Sounds like an expensive road to take. Best to say no now before DH can't afford it.

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We told skid that if they want us to return all the "big kid" items in their room (lego, video games, etc.) and buy baby toys, then we will. Obviously skid didn't like this idea.

With DH (and people who thought when they bought the baby something they should buy skid something), I compared it to a birthday party. Skid won't get a present every time the baby has a birthday and the baby won't get presents for the skid's birthday. All the stuff you are getting now is for the baby's birthday (I mean the baby won't "get" the stuff until it is born/aka its birthday).