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The point of Christmas is ... taking?

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So I found out (not by being told by my DH, you can be sure of that) that this year SD21 "gifted" herself with a week-long Christmas trip to California. Yay for her! Except DH bought her a set of luggage to take with her and he was booking the hotel for her, which probably means he at least "helped" pay for it.

Guess what DH got from SD21 for Christmas? Anyone? Yep, nothing. I got nothing, but that is not surprising. My two BDs (SD's half-sisters) each got a card containing a pack of trading cards. So, you know, a $1 gift. Meh, Christmas is the season of taking for SD21, clearly age has not changed that.


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Yes, this is a sore point with me as SD was around both of them regularly until SD was age 15.5 and BDs were then 5.5 and 2.5. In fact, SD lived with us nearly full time from ages 11 to 15.5 (when she moved in with her mom). So it's not like they are strangers she never got to know.

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Your DH needs a big slap upside his head for booking her a hotel. Luggage...bit much of a gift, but OK. No way in hell he should also be paying her hotel. Did he spend a ton of money on you and your two girls (his OTHER daughters)? But I bet he'd be worried about not being fair to SD!

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And you can imagine her list of "wants" for her hotel. Pool, sauna, room service, specific location, you name it.

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This bothers me knowing that he has two other bio daughters. Did he spend the same kind of money on them for Christmas? If not, I'd wonder why there's such a double standard.

My husband has double standards for SD and DD (both his bio children) when it comes to their behaviour and such. A few things have happened recently that broke my heart for my DD.

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He has been breaking my heart with this disparity since our BDs were born. He tried to justify spending more on SD because "she is older than them and her needs are greater." And he wonders why we don't have a very good relationship any more. Sad Luckily, I have taught my two BDs that it isn't what you get, it's what you give that counts. So they are happy with what they have or are given and don't "keep track" the way I think both DH and SD21 do.