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Update: Senior Pictures

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Please see previous blog for background:

I ended up going with DH, the poster that said it was a “team DH thing” was right.

I had 3 predictions:

1. BM & SS17 would be late.
2. SS17 would have messy uncombed hair.
3. SS17 would not be wearing an undershirt under his white dress shirt.

I was a right about all 3 predictions.

BM & SS17 were 40 minutes late. DH and I were 5 minutes early; the photographer was 5 minutes late. In fact the photographer was packing up his equipment to leave, I made DH introduce himself to the photographer. The photographer waited while DH called BM to get an ETA.

SS17 shows up with BM and wearing his new suit and his hair looks awful. DH asks him about it and SS17 said BM wanted his hair this way. Throughout the day SS17 was trying to comb it with his fingers.

SS17’s moobies were on full display. The only thing DH asked BM to do was to buy SS17 undershirts. She didn’t. He looked trashy but whatever. BM made such a huge deal about getting SS17 a suit. DH and I took him suit shopping, spent the better part of a Saturday buying dress clothes and shoes for SS17. And SS17 only wore the suit for 6 pictures. He then changed into a polo shirt and jeans for the rest of the photos.

When we were leaving BM opened her trunk and the suit was laying there, balled up with, all the other junk in her trunk. So disappointing, but not unexpected.

We got the proofs and DH doesn’t like them. DH now wants me to schedule a separate sitting for SS17 when we get our family picture taken for Christmas. I had suggested this earlier but it nobody listens.

At least I got to spend a nice fall day in the park.

Its comical BM tries to act all snobby – lives in a wealthy suburb, had the pictures taken at Rich People Park, but the reality is she’s trashy and people just know by looking at her, and sadly SS17 too.



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Can you get the suit you bought back from BM's for him to wear?

Yes, definitely get the pics re-done. Don't even warn SS or he'll tell BM and she will get all up in it. Just have it scheduled for when he's with you then "Hey, SS, shower and put on your suit, we're getting pics done because the ones you got didn't come out"

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We are getting the suit back. DH spoke with SS17 about it last night.

As for having pictures re-done. We won't even tell him. We are just going to dress formal for this family picture and then have his solo shots taken right after ours. I'll probably have a solo shot of SS12, all dressed up, done too. SS17 won't even realize what's going on. Wink

I've made it a point of having family pictures every other year for Christmas. DH and the skids are into it and actually like doing them.


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Same thing here.

This year BM waited till the night before to "remind" DH that we had SS12 for picture day. Luckily I had a couple of dress shirts (gently used hand-me-downs). SS12 looks adorable in the pictures. DH made sure his hair was combed and I had ironed the shirt. Little things make a big difference.

The last few years, on BM's watch, both SS12 & SS17 have had greasy, messy hair and wrinkled shirts for their school pictures.


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We don't buy the skids school pictures anymore. BM sends them to school wearing dingy white t-shirts and their hair is never clean or combed. She sends the forms and we look at the proofs....never buying them. DH has even responded to her texts about pictures that she should have the skids shower in the morning, make sure their hair is neat and to have them wear a collared shirt. She responds that she wants them to look normal.

A couple of years ago we looked at proofs and SS11 looked like he rolled out of bed and they took his picture, he had chocolate on his face (I hope it was that) and his t-shirt was ripped at the collar. FFS woman, do you not look at them before they leave the house?