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O/T On the Bright Side: My Plantar Fascitis is Going Away

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Had it in my right foot since April. Went to a podiatrist, a physical therapist and finally an acupuncturist. I bought shoe inserts, you name it, stretching etc. Very limited relief.

I stopped going to all three, bought New Balance snug sneakers, put the insert inside, stretch here and there and my pain is not ANYTHING like it once was!!

Now it could be that it just ran it's course as I've read that it usually lasts around six months.

I'm SOOO relieved!!!


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I think they call it a "release" surgery where they actually snip the fascia.

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I've had surgery on both of my feet as well. One of the smartest things I ever did. Recovery was about 3 months. Totally pain free ever since.

I had a co-worker who had it get better for about a year or so and then the pain came back. Now she's back to treatments. She wants to try the surgery but her doctor doesn't want to do it. I think it's because once you do it, they lose their patients and all the treatments.

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Wow! I was out of work for about a month both times and then about two more until I was fully healed. Maybe my diabetes had something to do with it. My doctor never suggested that it was taking longer than normal. I wish it had been two weeks.