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Warning ***sailor on this ship***

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All my stepkids want to do is sit on their dumb asses & watch tv & eat raw fucking macaroni noodles. What the fuck. Seriously the most fucking annoying people ever. They'll watch entire movie, just to put another one in and guess what after that? A third. And I seriously don't know how my stepson's nose doesn't bleed with how much he picks it! What the fuck is up there???

My kids & I did charcoal art at the table, then a puzzle... We got sick of that, so we played Uno, then we lip-synced a song each, then we stopped to make caramel corn & now we are making string bracelets.

Normally, I include the step kids & require if the tv is on for 2 it's off for 2 hours, but today I don't give a shit. Piss your shitty ass lives away you lazy shits.

I'm sorry I have no patience left. I'm sorry for the language. I'm sorry, I have to say it somewhere. I try & I try but when it comes right down to the bone of it, they're not my kids & I don't like their personalities, because they're JUST LIKE THEIR NASTY MOM. I am invested in them & normally am not this angst filled.

I'm pissed off. My husband & I got into a fight last night. We have an agreement. If either bio parent asks to differ from the order, we come together & discuss before we answer. Yes we aren't "the parent"
But it effects OUR TIME & OUR HOME. With that said, yesterday she asked him to change something & it's completely FUCKED UP OUR WEEKEND. He didn't do what we agreed & have been doing for 14 months straight & I'm PISSED THE FUCK OFF.

I am not usually THIS pissy. But since my stroke (on 1/16) I get very confused & irritated easily & if there's any changes in plans it upsets me bc it confuses me & that irritates me. We had plans to go to the cabin. NOW We have to leave early to get them back to the greasy crow. It's no big deal for anyone BUT ME!!! Because I have to wake up 2 hours before anyone else bc I have slow speech, uncontrollable bladder, no use of right arm & paralysis my face for the first 30-45 min, then it takes me FOREVER to bathe & dry my hair because I'm slow like a 4 year old Sad & have to stop to rest a lot.

And most of all. We are hurrying for that icky piece of dog shit?! And my husband doesn't care that it changed my nice relaxing get-away into an ass raping from his ex dog faced Tuesday whore!

Okay. I'm done now. I'm not suppose to be getting upset. That's not working out so well. Sad


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Exactly. Tonight he said he's just trying please everyone. I asked HOW MY I GETTING PLEASED?! I'm not. Not one bit. So in your trying to please everyone YOUR EX is getting pleased. Lovely.

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He will clean the entire cabin & get the kids moving & organized & pack the car. He's great to do all that. But just ME is an ordeal. Sad