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BM is such a POS

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DH figure that the reason BM dumped SD18 on us is because she got expensive.

BM pays no CS. BM has told SD18 that she won't contribute a dime to SD18's college expenses unless SD18 moves back to Louisiana, goes to a full university, and joins a sorority. Can you say, "living vicariously through your child"? I knew you could!

SD18 is pretty disgruntled by this. BM sends her younger child to private school at a cost of $3500/year, but can't handle 1/3 community college tuition at less than $1500/year. It just reinforces that SD18 is only worthwhile to BM as long as SD18 is her little puppet.

The woman is f-ing useless. DH and I will get SD18 through college (provided she work at it and make the grades) and it will reflect on US, not BM.


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The kid is currently pulling Ds in at least two classes. There is no way in hell we are shelling out ~$3-5k for our 1/3 share of a single semester in a 4-year school. The community college in integrated into the state university system, less than $9k in tuition transfers two full years guaranteed.

While we want to offer the opportunity for higher education to her, we're not about to sacrifice our retirement for something that is not a sure thing.

Her money, her choice indeed - if it weren't for the fact that in doing so she's hurting the only innocent party in this mess, I wouldn't give a rat's ass.

All she cares about is being able to brag that HER DAUGHTER is going to LSU and is in a sorority, see, we're HIGH CLASS now! Screw actually getting an education or doing it in a way that won't accumulate a mortgage's-worth of debt.

Our plan gets the kid a BA with no loans owed, and a total financial commitment from her mother that is less than what she has and does spend on her (failing school, whiny, obese video game addict) precious prince in a single year. If she can't see that, she's flat stupid and spiteful.

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It is gross that joining a sorority is her priority! Sounds like a crazy witch that just needs to brag away about her kid. I honestly feel sorry for her kids. That is not what college is for, its to get your education everything else is just extra, rolling my eyes!