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SS and his fuzzy lip

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Why do I feel so resentful and negative today, mostly towards SS16. I live with him full time but lately he mostly hides in his room playing x box. Still, though I want to get one of my bikini wax strips and just rip that redneck fuzz off his lip that he refuses to shave. He looks horrendous.

I hate it when I feel resentful and I can't put my finger on the cause of resentment. I hate it when the little things start really bugging me. Ugh.


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start setting out little hints...a pack of razors perfectly placed where you know he will see them, then a can a shaving cream in a nother place where he will see it, then mabe some news paper ads, or after shave placed out as well.

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No No No don't do it! This is what I did. Hang out with SS while he is playing on his Xbox and have yourself some fun acting like his younger sister. You can lean close up to him staring at his furs on his face until he becomes uncomfortable. Then sit back for a minute after he got annoyed as you give him the chance to refocus on his game again. Okay that is when you introduce your imaginary plucking fingers as if you are going to pluck them one at a time. Again sit back as he showed that he is annoyed and wait until he gets into the game again. So in reality, you actually gave him two warnings that he should shave.. Repeat the first step of staring with great interest then on the fourth time, start plucking at his furs one at a time without pulling them out so it can hurt more. Finally, thank him for not shaving as you continue plucking like you are enjoying it as the younger annoying sister until he blows. Just a few times of that will motivate him to shave. Follow up with acting bummed that he shaved bc you just wanted to pluck something. It really works and I think of it as reverse physiology as a younger sister. Blum 3

Its all acting and just don't compliment him on his shave bc it will backfire on you. I even do this to my DH. }:)

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Oh come on, it's just fuzz. Let him look silly. Girls at school will dis him into shaving. This is not worth a fight.