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SO beat SS so bad on his legs that he couldn't walk for 2 days!!!

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I last blogged about BM kicking out SD17 and SS(now)16 from her mothers home. BM told both kids that she did not give a shit about them and if they did not leave that same day she was kicking them out, she was going to drop them off at the police station or at foster care. Skids are now both back. SD17 going on 18 this September has been on her best behavior. No disrespect, no attitude or back talk. I told her the true test would be once she went back to school. SS is being SS.

The day that BM called SO demanding that he buy them plane tickets she also resorted to text messaging him. She texted him that she was Firing SD and SS as her children. Okay.
The kids leave without saying a word to their mother or grandmother. That morning that they left BM was looking at Skids with a "weird look". Didn't say a damn word to her kids. When skids got to the airport they were met by cops. Seems as if BM filed a missing persons report on them! She knew exactly where they were going! But of course she has to start up trouble. When SO got to the airport they questioned him and released skids to him. They did their research...

Well last Friday a CPS worker showed up to SO house. He was having a bad day and told the CPS worker off. Told her to "get the fuck out" I have been staying elsewhere, so I didnt' get to meet the CPS worker. SO texted me telling me what he told CPS. I told him that he messed up big time by reacting that way. He called her back and explained the situation to her. Asked her if she did her homework/research? She didn't. He explained to her the situation and what BM did. CPS told him that they still needed to speak to skids. SO said that was fine.

CPS called him yesterday letting him know that they needed to speak to the skids. SO told her that he did not want them showing up that same day because it was SS 16th birthday and the following day was his "fiance's" birthday. He asked if they could please show up on Wednesday. She agreed to that but then called him back saying she needed to speak to them that same day. SO was not happy about that. Skids did not want to talk to her but they had no choice. Thanks to BM and CPS, SS birthday plans were ruined. He wanted to go to a water park. By the time CPS left it was too late to take him.

CPS showed up. Skids sat down with her. I was at SOs house and wanted to be nosy be eavesdropping from the second floor but I didn't. SO went downstairs once and he heard the CPS telling skids that she was told SS16 is malnourished and that SO beat him on the legs one time so badly that he couldn't walk for 2 days! Unfuckenreal! She asked them if there was drugs and guns in the home. She asked them if SO beat and abused me!
CPS even asked skids who was the crazier parent. They both at the same time said their BM is! Ha!

SO got questioned. He had to fill out a form. They did not ask to speak to me which I thought was a bit odd. Maybe they figured BM is a just a jealous BM when it comes to SO relationship. BM did a great job in lying and manipulating CPS. Can't believe they actually believed her. SO showed CPS the texts messages where BM clearly stated that she was firing skids as her children.

Long story short, yesterday really wasn't a good day. SO was pissed off! BM is such a trouble maker. She kicked her kids out and told them she doesn't give a shit about them but yet she calls CPS! I told SD that her BM was going to act like she hasn't done anything wrong. Sure enough, BM is acting like she has not done anything wrong.

She has resorted to text messaging SO. She called SO a "murderer and an abuser" Telling him that he hasn't allowed her to see the kids in 6 years. She REFUSES to follow the court order since 2005! That she will see him in court! Not in our state but in the state that she lives in. She can't take the case out of our state! She is planning on taking SS away from SO. What about SD, BM...?

SD spent a year with BM. She has told me that BM has NO common sense. She is rude and arrogant and conceited. She doesn't work. Stays at home eating nothing but junk food. Is a paranoid bitch. She keeps a lock on her purse because that is where all her court files are at. The house and the business are half hers. They have been divorced since 2001!!! Get the fuck over it!!!

I feel bad for skids.....


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Wait.....she kicked her own children (under 18) out of her home, sent them to their father then called CPS on him, claiming he's an abuser?

What kind of bizzaro fricking world does this chick live in?? F'n F'er.

I'm sorry you, your SO and these skids are going through this.

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According to SD, not only is their BM crazy but she looks it too! BM would freak the eff out if she saw SO. People never believe him when he reveals his age. Lately he has been receiving a lot of compliments on his "guns" He loves his tank tops!

Yes, she kicked them out and then called CPS. They opened up a case! Idiots! BM is a true nut bag. She really does believe that SO beats on all of us and that he was beating SS on a daily basis.

SO really needs to do something about Psycho BM. I know that the cops are going to be called out, compliments of BM of course, sometime soon.

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Apparently her ultimate goal so to land the kids in the system?? She doesn't want them, but she doesn't want their dad to have them either. Sounds pretty nutty to me!!!

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She sounds like a total nut job. My God. What kind of mother throws her kids out to just file false complaints against their ex?? She sounds psycho.

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she is claiming that your and dh's house and business are half hers? did he even have these things when he was with her? not that that makes them hers, either...