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Couldn’t wait to get back to mommies house

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SS 15 had to stay with us Thursday-Sunday because BM was taking SD to tour a college. SO let SS decide what he wanted to eat the entire weekend , ran him and friends wherever he wanted, let him have friends over, made breakfast for all of us but as soon as SS got the call that BM was going to be home in half and hour he said I want to go back to BMs she will be home shortly.  It is just so crazy that he can't even stay one more minute then he has too with SO.  It wasn't like it was a fun weekend with SS even though he was doing everything he wanted he was still a blah teenager. I don't care if he ever stays but it is just upsetting that this is the way it is with SO. 


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This happened with all of Chef's ferals one by one.  I predict that he will stop all contact by age 16.  Catering to skids on visitation does not put the brakes on PASing out.  Once the PAS seed has been planted it pretty much its over and the alienating parent achieves sainthood in the skid's eyes.

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SS won't be able to stop contact because of his travel baseball.  BM can't do that alone because of the time and money involved in it. It involves hotel stays and things like that so even when SS drives he can't go on his own.  SO will continue to be used for this. 

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To skid quitting baseball.

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Ya but for whatever reason skid wants to stay involved In a million sports things or do you think it's mostly bio mom pushing the sports Crr18? 

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I honestly don't know. I think she could talk him out of some of it but she will only do it if she thinks it will impact her. If SO is always willing to run SS and pay for it it is better for her to let him play because then she doesn't have to worry about him since  she gets off easy with the sports.  SS also wants to play. He wants to be able to goof off with his friends as much as possible. He wants to be on this travel team because they win and he can brag about it to his friends. 

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I don't think it's abnormal for kids to want to go "home".. your SO's place is not his home.. it's somewhere he visits.. and even if he enjoys time with his dad.. he still probably looks forward to the comfort and familliarity of his own "real home".. 

I also don't think this is necessarily a slap that he doesn't LIKE his dad.. but he doesn't consider his house his home

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SO home was SS home until the divorce. SO stayed in the house and BM moved. His room was done specifically the way he wanted and he doesn't have to bring anything back and forth . I know at his age he probably wants to be at one location but this was like one minute of BM telling him she would be home that he said he wanted driven to her house. He wouldn't walk but wanted SO to finish eating lunch to get him there asap. 

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The second the toxic failed family spawn played the "mommy's home and I wanna go" crap DH should have shut that shit down in a hurry.

"That's nice. No. Your mommy can come get you when I say the visit ends. This is my time so sit down, STF up and stop being a PITA."

Daddy needs to grow some balls or this crap never ends.


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Oh Rags if only my SO was like this. I would have handled it just like you said. SO wants anything he gets from these kids and takes the abuse.  And since I don't want to argue with him all I say now is sorry  they act this way towards you.