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Birthday fake out

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My birthday is today but SO "made" the kids come to our house to wish me happy birthday and have cupcakes. At least I didn't have to go to an uncomfortable dinner with them. They didn't even have a cupcake.  SS is in a funk because the issue with the homecoming i guess is still on going but SD was actually nice. But she was only nice because while I walked my SO parents out to the car she proceeded to tell SO that she was getting the nose ring. Then he was in a funk the rest of the night. Never ending stupid drama. 


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Happy birthday! Tell DH if he wants to make your birthday better (and not worse) in the future, don't bring his kids over. 

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Typical because then something they did goes on to ruin your night. She knows he wasn't ok with the ring and mentions it ... Smh. So many times I had special moments ruined because my husband got a call from the ex or steps that was upsetting to him. 

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Happy birthday to you Crr18. If you were my friend, your birthday would have been something special. A lot more special than cupcakes and a bunch of ingrate step kids and a funky partner.

I am a real b*tch about my birthday. Firstly, the whole MONTH is my celebration. I spoil myself with trips, spa days, my favorite dinner and flowers. My closest friends usually take me out to dinner. Last year, there were gifts of wine, cards and balloons. My kids are great, too.

My XBF has made my last 3 birthdays the best of my life. He's made the whole day about me and we've gone on adventures together. One year he took me to the city where I was born. We rode bikes around town and had lovely meals. He even brought fancy cupcakes and serenaded me happy birthday in our hotel room.

The year before last, he took me to a nice BnB in Pittsburgh - it was gorgeous. We explored town and shared a bubble bath.

Last year, we took my convertible through the PA countryside on a covered bridge trail. We had lunch and just spent the day together getting lost on back roads. Loved it!

You deserve more. And if you were my friend in real life, I would make sure it was a wonderful day. ((hugs))

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Oh you are sweet. We did spend the day together doing what I wanted to do and then on Sunday he made me my favorite meal before the cupcake thing.  He was even giving me random back rubs all weekend.  It is that there always has to be something kid or ex related . I will be going to dinner with a friend tomorrow night for my birthday . It sounds like you live fairly close to me since you mentioned Pittsburgh. 

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At XBF's house I would be 2 hours south of PGH. I'm based closer to Baltimore for the time being, so about 4 hours away.

I'm glad he did spoil you more than your original post related.

My girls and I do up our birthdays. I have a yearly dinner with a friend and we celebrate our birthdays together because we are only a few weeks apart. This January, my best friend is turning 60 so we're coming up with BIG ideas to celebrate.

My female friends are the greatest blessing my life next to my 3 kids. <3

I have some lingering obligations in the area where XBF lives, so if I'm up there, maybe we could coordinate to meet somewhere in between. I'll send you a private message. Biggrin

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How nice they didn't go out of their way. That's means you don't have to reciprocate in an over the top way, you can give them exactly what they gave you.  And they are old enough for that present(lesson).  Happy birthday.