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Fertility Continued

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I had taken down my fertility blog and I will take this one down again in a couple of days too. I could care less if BM stumbled on this site and saw what I have posted about steplife, but I don't want her to know about our fertility struggles, that is too personal and none of her business so just to be safe I won't be leaving them up long. 

We went to our fertility appointment and I feel good about our next steps although I did not realize how specific it mattered when testing was done for me in relation to my cycle. Right now we are waiting for me to get a peak for ovulation which should be in a couple days as I am currently high and then in 6-8 days I will be getting my first test of 4. She did recommend trying Clomid after my next cycle if I wanted to and was wondering if anyone had any experiences with using it they would be comfortable sharing? 

I am trying to be patient because I was hoping to get some semblence of something on the day of our appointment or do at least a test that day, but unfortunately that is not how it works. We felt the doctor was very thorough and factual, definitely doesn't have a sense of humor, but I will take the lack of humor if it helps us conceive.


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I had a hard time conceiving after my DS17.  After a few years of nothing happening, we tried tracking my cycle and getting pregnant that way.  When that didn't work, I went to the fertility specialist.  I was put on Clomid and was pregnant the next month.  I did have a little cramping and nauseau while on clomid, but it was worth it.

My sister was also given clomid and she had triplet girls!  So just a fair warning, Clomid does increase your chances of  multiples.

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I did ask about side effects and she said moodiness, cramping, and possibility of multiples. 

I missed the boat to take it this month so we are just tracking ovulation and adjusting the caffeine and alcohol intake and then DH and I are leaning towards trying clomid next time around. DH and I had cut back caffeine and alcohol, but the specialist wanted him to cut back more on both and me more on wine.

We prefer not to have multiples, but clearly what we have done so far isn't working so are willing to risk it if it means we get pregnant.

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I used Clomid! It wasn't too bad as far as side effects and I got 2 kids out of it, so totally worth the little bit of crazy LOL

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and how sometimes people call it CLOMAD because it makes you mad LOL. Good to know it worked for you too! A bit nervous about having multiples, but if that is what it takes, then that is what it takes

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My sister went through fertility treatment. Nothing worked until she got to IVF, but when she did, 2 of her 3 tries were successful and she has 2 healthy kids. It depends on what the specific issue is. In her case, it was sperm count and motility so once the embryos were in, they were good. Best of luck! 

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So far I am going to get my progestrone tested 6-8 days after peak ovulation and an ultrasound of my uterus, then after my cycle I'll have my hormones tested and if a negative pregnancy test also get this ink dye study of my uterus, if all that looks good then we will have DH's sperm tested too. Right now we are talking possibly IUI, but all that wouldn't be until all the tests and trying clomid. But that is awesome that IVF worked for your sister!

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My DD is a Clomid baby. I got pregnant on the 3rd Clomid cycle. I didn't have side effects from Clomid. I also had to take progesterone during my pregnancy because I didn't naturally have enough. 

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My DS was a Clomid, IUI baby. The only thing I noticed was I would get mild cramping when I ovulated on it. 

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I am liking hearing the success of Clomid and how it has been for people who were on it!