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Simple formula for success

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I have come up with a solution to my issue. Seeing as I'm in a situation I cannot possibly win, I have to deal with any principles of self-respect, fairness and sticking up for my girlfriend, simply by forgetting I have any.

Her kids can now treat her how they feel like, unhindered by any input from me. 

She is treated with nil respect, snapped at, walked all over. I am sick of trying to intervene as whatever approach I take seems to be wrong.

She can feel guilty at hurting their feelings by attempting to instill decency and respect. 

I'm done.

Sorry for the rant, I have nowhere else to turn.

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Well, if she doesn't see a problem with their behavior or is unwilling to take steps to change it, and doesn't back you up if you can't do a damn thing except leave or just accept it. One thing to beware of, though - what about when they are adults? It's one thing to deal with their behavior when they are teens, but do you know if your gf plans to keep supporting and living with them once they grow up? I would think long and hard about how long you are willing to deal with this.

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the locks and solve this issue in your life for good.

I would.

How do you respect a person who does not respect themselves enough to end this kind of shit behavior from thier own children?

That person, is no equity life partner nor are they a worthy mate.

Respect yourself. 

End this.

Her toxic failed family spawn will only get worse as they get older. And you will still be stuck with.... her. The failed woman, partner, and parent who created them then tolerates their shit.