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Well things were going good…

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Since my last post things have gotten better with SD only . When SD came over I had a little chat with her and I think it's what she has been waiting for . I told SD that she will always be welcome in our home and we all wish she would come more often, I told her whatever is conversated between her mother and I has no reflection of my feelings towards her and I have hoped we can start to build a closer relationship. I told her I want her to feel comfortable with me and if she wants to talk to me about anything she can. We gave each other a hug and it was a very good weekend. I always asked her if she wanted to be apart of our small vow renewal ceremony, she said yes and got on her phone to ask her mother if it was ok and told her the dates we would need to get her and for how long ( it was last Thursday so 2 days of school would be messed ) BM didn't seem to have a isssue and she told SD she could come . I was trying to stay positive but I knew BM would some how make drama that day for us and she did. DH started to limited his communication with BM because she would either attack us or BM would speak for SD13 and we didn't know what was true and what was not. I told him also a few months back that he should start communicating more with SD especially since BM on numerous occasions has said SD is grown enough to make her own choices. Well the night before our ceremony here comes BM emailing DH and telling him that SD will NOT be coming to the ceremony at all because she has a test and it was not communicated to her directly about the ceremony. She also said that DH needs to stop communicating through SD because she is a child and that BM needs to be brought in on everything. She also had to throw me in there and said "if your wife has a problem with it he can deal with it" well BM he is dealing it by limiting his communication with her . He also told her that he doesn't communicate with her because she has is on the attack which again she didn't understand. ... I just really don't get how she doesn't see through her own games , sD13 is grown when she says and a child when she says... I wish she would just butt out because she is the problem here and sadly she is making Sd suffer. I wanted to ask what is the app that parents use for communication? I might suggest it 


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the court ordered it since Beaver liked to say ..she didn't get an email or a text, etc.  OFW keeps track of when things are read, etc.  It saved our butts from  Beaver....on more than on occasion.

We learned in dealing with Beaver..if it didn't fall on our week then we just didn't include the skids.  It wasn't worth the hassle of dealing with Beaver and her flaking out at the last minute.  Did the skids miss stuff..sure...but not much we could do about it.

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Okay thanks! Yea it was DH weekend which makes it that much worse ... just sucks some people are this way