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Update to Netflixgate

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Just a shorty: I had given the password and done some reasearch.

It might just be a non-issue, because she hasnt logged into my account since 4/17 when this first came up.

AND she hasnt been with us at all...and no contact (no drama also).

SO, because netflix will soon be charging for separate household account sharing, May 1st I will simply change password and be done with it. Ill just revert my account to 2 devices, and be done with THAT aspect as well.

Not going to mention anything either. I am pretty solid in my feelings that if no relationship is desired fine, but dont expect to be able to access any accounts that I pay for.

Still looking at the long game and preparing myself for that future also.

Thank you to everyone that gave me their input. I know it sounds petty, but these are the steps we all need to take to take our power back. This was and is a big step for me...its like quitting sugar cold turkey! LOL.

SO, hope everyone understands, the help is always appreciated. I might not take all the advice given, but I read and internalise and re-read...and think about it in the shower (no just kidding...maybe)


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I think you are just a nice and generous person CLove and I think these girls just take advantage of you. Good job for shutting down the Netflix and it's one step towards putting you first. I also take on board advice I get on here, and it's good to receive the good, bad or maybe not bad but the reality more like. We all mean well where we come from with advice and sometimes reading online it comes across more blunt than maybe intended. Good luck with SD finding out and just be polite but firm if you get confronted with it.

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She likely is using her mom's account. As she supposed to. That's a long time to not log in on a Netflix if she cares to watch it. That's why sometimes when we think we should please others and they need us, it turns out they don't even need neither us nor our favors. Good riddance 


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When you say long game are you thinking of leaving your husband? Also, the Netflix thing you handled it perfectly. Just don't say anything.

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Good for you!  In light of your long term goals, I think downsizing your Netflix plan (thus saving some money) and letting SD  fend for herself for her TV viewing needs is the right approach.  Don't make an announcement, just tell her if she asks after May 1 that your Netflix is for use at your home only from now on.

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of SParental martyrdom.   

Just write them off and get on with life. If they ever break free of the black hole level gravitational pull of TTs crap, then give htem one day at a time.. and that only once.  Trust and forgiveness can only be logically granted based on behaviors. They have earned neither and likely never will. Even the young one.

Take care of you CLove.