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MIL got told by DH… Finally!

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And I am off in the corner trying to cover the huge smile on my face!!! Lol as you know my MiL has decided for some reason to hate me, I think it's because she is jealous she can no longer control DH. MIL has said horrible things about me to DH with any real reason and has accused me of being greedy, selfish and the list goes on! She has told DH to leave me to make SD happy since I'm the reason apparently why SD doesn't come over as often. Well MIL is a tax account, she has a very small ( questionable) business doing taxes. Every year she would file ours taxes but this year I stopped letting her do mine . I didn't feel comfortable with her knowing my finances. So I did my own taxes separately and claimed all the children ( yup sure did , thank you very much) . I knew that whatever I got back would go towards our new house . DH didn't have much to claim and at the time he owed CS but I was not gotta let him claim one of our kids to let the credit go to BM ( sorry not sorry ) he needs and could pay it on his own. DH had no issue with me filing on my own and claiming all the kiddos. Well MIL had a issue with it and said that DH needed to claim one of our kids so he would not have to owe anything ( I don't see how he would owe anyways , he didn't make that much) DH told MIL what we already planned to do. mIL would not drop it and kept trying to attack me about it to DH for weeks now. Well today DH was finally ready to file and MIL said "well you owe $100 now and you would have claim DS6 you would not have to pay anything like I told you to do and why did I have to claim him" DH let her have it ! He said "what is done is done and I have told you to stop bringing it up , we make the decision together and it's over so move on" and hung up !!!!!! I wanted to throw a mini party lol . 



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MIL is doing DH a favor. DH could avoid the strings and all this drama by doing his own taxes. It's super easy.

They're both wrong.

And he didn't really set her straight on her attitude towards you, he just got impatient with her arguing with him personally.


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I was just thinking that. Unless MIL is doing some shady shite for DH, he can probably just as easily use one of the software packages. If i can do my own taxes, anyone can. 

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Yea I think MIL gets extra upset when DH does his own thing but oh well! Lol I am never again involving her I. My finances 

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Kudos to DH!  How dare you two try to live your own life!!  Odds are MIL is a double agent for BM.

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You SHOULD BE the one filing them on your taxes since YOU are the one that ACTUALLY does the majority of financial support.


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Why doesn't DH just do his own taxes?  And is MIL stupid? When you need the money *now* due to DH having been out of work, him paying $100 while you get a $2000 child credit is better than him having a $1900 refund that goes straight to BM while you don't get that $2000. Not to mention that YOU provided most of the support for the kids anyway.

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She just wants whatever will benefit DH . Believe it or not she actually called me the stupid one for the very reason you stated lol, I'm like yes lady I am so stupid for actually getting the child credit I am entitled to.... our child tax credit should NOT go to BM, DH paid the balance in his own. You are certainly correct. He said he won't be getting MiL to do his taxes anymore . I asked him to give me all the paperwork so I can do them myself , I don't think he should have to owe anything at all. 

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I feel for you. It's an extra slap in the face when the SO/DH's family is team BM. You feel like you aren't a part of the family and can't trust them. And when your DH won't stand up to them or at least create boundaries, it's another betrayal. I'm glad your DH is finally going to stop letting mommy do his taxes! 

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Yup it was hurtful at first but now I'm just like FK you then, not my concern anymore . His mom I think is jealous of me, I have been told by this from several people and I'm starting to slowly see it. DH has been wrapped around mommy's finger ( and BM finger until I came along) for years! mIL can't stand strong independent woman being is DH life if it's not her. But I always did my own taxes since I was old enough to work so it's about time DH man up and do his himself 

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Owing a $100 bucks is not horrible. When I took a tax class in college I was taught toe closer you got to 0 the better.  The govertdoes not need your interest free loan. So I see it more as a matter of lost control over DH than anything more.   Behavior like that requires distancing.  

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MIL is extremely controlling . This has already caused a distance between us and now with DH which I'm sure she will blame me for. Just add it to the list this family , BM and SD blames me for lol. Take a number MIL

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My MIL was controlling also. It took me to stop participating for a few years for her to get the message that I'm not to be toyed with.  DH backed off from her too and only did holidays for a few years.  I am no buffer for the dysfunction that was going on at the time.   I just refused to play.  I highly suggest you and DH discuss what that would look and feel like if he did cut them off and what it would take to participate with them again.   It might take a few years but the peace you would find is worth it.