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Found the last stinky stash

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I was cleaning out/reorganizing Little Idiot's old closet again. I had a bin I wanted to store in there so I thought it would be a good time to check it and see if there was anything I no longer wanted in there. Lo and behold what do I find but a stinky bag of dirty clothes! Now where did that come from??? I did a full cleanse and exorcism when she moved out 2.5 years ago and I KNOW this bag wasn't there then. I must have missed it after Christmas? 

So I texted LIabout it. Apparently it's nasty old clothes from the COAST GUARD that had been in her closet for 3 years??? Where???? Then I remembered that they took her old suitcase this past Christmas with them to hold all of their gifts. The clothes must have been sitting in that old suitcase rotting, unknown to me. Then when they decided to take it, they just dumped the old nasty undie sack on the floor in the back of the closet. Pigs. 

I can only imagine what the apartment is going look like after a month of them living there.


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I can only imgaine how frustrating that would be to find! I mean, is it really that hard to throw that stuff out before you leave? 

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Some things never change. She's going to be 23 in a few months and you would think she would know enough by now to have some respect for other people's homes. I just can't believe she dumped out and left the clothes in there for me to find. I would have expected this from a teenager or even a 20 year old but at her age, she still hasn't grown up yet apparently.

How hard is it to say "Hey, I found some old clothes in the closet that I no longer wear. Do you want me to throw them out?" That is what a mature adult would do. If she lived here, she would be doing these things on a regular basis. I just could not handle it.


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At age 14, one of my daughters had figured out how to sell clothes she no longer wanted ( or had grown out of) so she could buy new stuff. No way would she have left stuff sitting anywhere if it could be washed and sold!

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That would take too much effort... taking pictures of the clothes, describing them, listing and shipping them... I think she sold a pair of shoes once and never did it again. 

Why bother anyway when you can just rack up more credit card debt then take out student loans to pay it off? 

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...she didn't think twice about taking them out of the suitcase and putting them in the closet without telling anyone...gross!

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Gross and entitled! Hope Goofy like cleaning up after her now that they have their own place. Probably arguing about who has to clean the bathroom, vacuum, cook etc.

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When she turned 18, ghosted us and lived somewhere else without mentioning it.

7 months later I went and excorcised her room, and 6 plus bags of trash, 6 plus bags of donate the furniture.

And 6 years later she wants to move back I think they leave some "droppings" as a place holder in case they need a place to crash later...

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Yeah I made sure when LI left for FL that I cleared out all those place holders and reverted the room right back to a guest room with no trace of it ever being "hers". 

Another thing I was thinking is how I was robbed of the joy of moving into a new house because as soon as we did, The Skunk Ape kicked her right out. It almost makes me feel like the whole thing was by design to rain on my parade.

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Couldn't even put them in a trash bag and throw it away, BUT thinks you or your DH should deal with it. How selfish. Not to mention disgusting

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I kid you not, she used to plug up the toilet with her poo and wait for her dad to flush it *bad*

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How TF is your husband so pathetic that he really wouldn't say something to her about not flushing??? 

Also, you should have said something to her about leaving trash behind. F your husband's need to think she is perfect. That is some bullshit. 

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I've said before that I think he sees her as an extension of himself (and not her own separate person) so he takes any criticism of her as a criticism of himself. That's what's behind his refusal to see any of her faults. He's not a full-blown narcissist, but he has some narcissistic tendencies. 

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Of the HCGUBM!   Chef always defended his ferals no matter what.  Made excuses for them or tried to imply that my boys were no different!  Yeah, right!

Be glad you don't have bios for BI to insult!

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I can't wait for SS19 to take his nastiness to BMs. He is renting her house when she moves out of state. It is going to be DISGUSTING!

At least he will be OUT.