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Commercial: You can bring your SK's on vacation but why would you ...

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Have you all seen that TV commercial for Las Vegas where the Dad read's the kid a bedtime "story" about all the broccoli in Vegas? I could see that tactic as a useful page from the playbook for Step-parents. Lol

How would you apply it to teens? You're gonna HATE Hawaii because ... ??? Europe is a drag ... Florida Keys? forget about it ...


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We've done this.

OSD got bent out of shape whenever DH and I went anywhere without them. One time we went somewhere....I cannot even remember where - some short weekend thing....OSD overheard us and started her whining.  Oh, you want to go hang out there, in the rain and cold, walking around looking at the buildings, eating at fancy restaurants with no plain pasta options? And the museum for an afternoon?

Basically everything she hated. That shut her up there.

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THis is not a kid vacation.  Buh-bye.

End of discussion.


If they choose to whine and cry about it. So be it. Their choice. Then ground them for the whiney bullshit.