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Alright, whose skid is this?

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This was shared on a FB page I follow. If you're wondering why your skid puts in job applications but never gets a call back, he/she might be the proud applicant who submitted the resume below: 


Work Experience

Honestly, not much because I just graduated but please see below:

Game of Thrones Expert

Binge watched entire series in one weekend

Stared at screen so long went blind in one a TV, 2011-Present

Stranger Things Expert

July 16th, 2016-Present

Watched each season in two days

Created RIP Barb fan page on Facebook that now has 25,000 followers

Efficiently used ex's Netflix login without being caught



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I really hope this is satire, I didn't think people under the age of 30 even use Fakebook anymore.  

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This can't be real life LMAO!!!

Although... I just went through hiring for a receptionist and this isn't far off from the crap resumes I got!

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SMH. I can believe it. Before on-line resumes/job applications were really popular. We received 2 different resumes with 8x10 color glossy photos. 

I work in mental health. We were hiring for a group home supervisor, not like a modelling job or anything. Although cute, I wouldn't say either was model material. 

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My teenage daughter is currently being dragged kicking and screaming into the workforce. I really hope this isn't what she meant when she said she's filling out job applications...

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To sound she had experience. On paper looks good till interviewer sits her face to face and she sits there dead silent not answering any of the interview questions and expects daddy to bail her out and get her a job.

hubby is very successful career wise and has alot of contacts high up in different companies. Sd is a replica of biomum, "fake it till you make it" and if all else fails, play the "guilt daddy trip".

i asked my husband back in 2019 how on earth he could be proud of recommending his daughter to friends when she couldn't be bothered to or respect other peoples time to participate in an interview. That this was a reflection on him and an embarrassment and no way can he be proud of her. As usual silence from hubby becaue he knew i was speaking the non-sugarcoated truth