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Stupid, rude and toxic should hurt.

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If not.  How do those being stupid, rude, or toxic learn from their poor choices?




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The cycle needs to be broken

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Yes totally agree. Some people, though, just can't or won't take the mild discomfort of changing their behaviour for the good of their kids/their partner or even themselves. That's what really ticks me off. Grrrrrrrr *scratch_one-s_head*


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Zero tolerance, real time confrontation of toxicity, and taking away the benefit that the toxic get for being toxic works. We must be far more dedicated to applying consequences than the toxic are to manipulation.

For us it took years of zero tolerance and bringing the pain to SpermGrandHag for her crap. As she played the poor downtrodden GrandMother bullshit with SS, we gave him the facts. Eventually, he completely understood the manipulation and the truth which tends to dismantel those delivering the maniplation and toxicity.

Reality should be kept front and center.

IMHO of course.

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Theres a lot of effed up people in this world, perpetuating all kinds of effed up situations.

Feral Forger SD23 - the effed up "gift" that keeps on giving. And SD16 Power Sulk - Both learned how to be the perpetual victims in addition to being rude and toxic.

The best I can do is remove myself as far as possible and become stronger and better in myself. Consequences dont seem to happen in my world, unless its to me...