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OT - Eff Off/Forn Friday

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Friday is in the house! Woo hoo!!! This has been a bear of a week and I am sooo ready to start the weekend.

Eff off to:

  • King Pita. Effer, what is the deal with IMing me, then sending '??' within seconds? Then again.  All in under a minute. Maybe I'm getting another cup of coffee. Maybe I'm taking a little break to stretch my legs. Maybe I'm defecting. Do I need to attach the bloody computer to my person like an old-fashioned cigarette gal? Chill!
  • Shrinkflation. It has hit the candy section. Why are you effing candymakers concerning yourselves with "portion control"? Wish I could find that news article discussing it. Who remembers when McDonald's did away with super-sized? Puh-lease. If I want a bunch of fries or am super thirsty and want lots of pop, I will simply order more. The day someone else controls my food intake is the day I'm in a hospital, nursing home, or prison. Kiss my grits!


Forn Friday 

Forn is 'food' and 'p0rn' combined.

Growing up, we went trick or treating on Halloween night. It wasn't rescheduled for the weekend before or because of possibly inclement weather and we didn't hit the mall or a parking lot of cars to get candy. Fair weather or foul, warm or cold, rain or snow, we grabbed a paper bag or pillowcase and roamed the neighborhood for goodies. I confess that anytime I got a homemade popcorn ball that I felt like Charlie Brown with the rock. Blech! My favorite was and still is: candy cigarettes. Oh, those glorious white sticks of sugar with the bit of red on the tip! I could make that box last for days. Bonus: the old gent who gave out nickels. Wow!

What was your favorite Halloween treat?


Wishing you a stress-free, healthy, and enjoyable weekend!


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I have never liked to trick or treat so no favs. EFF off ( I know I will get criticized because I am leaving the relationship but playing the game) we have had a vacation scheduled for sometime and leave this weekend. There should have been no drama or contact from BM while we are gone because all that is going on is some basketball practice. But she has decided to tell SO she is taking him to court for child support because the kids are costing her too much. So now ruin the vacation since this will be all that is on SOs mind and now BM will text everyday with her threats. Unbelievable.  If I didn't like to go away so much I would just say screw it but it is all paid for etc. And when I am on my own I don't know when the next time will be when I can afford to go away. I know it is pathetic on my part .

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When you have a vacation scheduled, it's not easy to just walk away from that time off. Hopefully, you'll be able to get some relaxation and enjoyment.

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He's grumpy at the best of time so concentrate on your own enjoyment and try not to let him suck the fun out of the vacation completely.

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choice in breeding partners and their failed family spawn.

Enjoy your trip. Do not let STBXH distract you from your umbrella drinks and soaking up the fun, sun, and sights.

Make this your pre-departure celebration.  DH will be the one to suffer his X ... alone.

Take care of  you.


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I favoured the non-candy treats. We had a teacher in our neighbourhood who gave out pencils or erasers. Those were my favourite. We liked to test out the new funky pencils and erasers and take them to school. They were a treat that lasted.

We also had a dentist in the neighbourhood that gave out folding toothbrush kits with flavoured floss and toothpaste. We also loved those.

Then there was the RCMP officer who got Vancouver PD police dog cards that looked like hockey cards. LOL Who wouldn't love a cute police dog card?!

I often refer to myself as the neighbourhood hippie so I'm the crazy broad who likes to hand out non-candy treats. I always remembered the teacher, dentist and RCMP officer. I often go to the Dollar Store and get a bundle of pencils and erasers. You can get them for cheap when they're sold as party favours. One year I got a whole bunch of cheap skipping ropes. I saw kids in the neighbourhood using them for weeks. LOL I think those were just party favours too.

Hubby keeps buying loads of candy "to have ready." The problem is that DH eats it all. He's like a 65 year old kid. LOL. He can't be left alone with candy. The bugger has the nerve to hide it from DD22 and I so that we don't eat it. DH ends up eating so much of it that he has to restock the candy to have some to give out on Hallowe'en. DD and I have no interest in the candy. We could have some ready in the house for ages and not give a shit. It's the 65 year old kid that eats it all. At least with my pencils, nifty toothbrush kits and things like that, DH can't eat them. LOL

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How fun!

When I bought candy, I made sure it was stuff I don't like. Any leftovers were taken to work for the vultures - er, coworkers - to consume. 

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LOL! Yes, DH tries to buy candy we don't like. He way over buys, so I take a huge amount into work. I have a colleague known for eating on the fly and for the past ten years we've all razzed him about his post Hallowe'en breakfast. It's become a tradition that I bring in the candy for his breakfast. LOL

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Eff off to leaves! I'm up to my neck in them. We just got them all cleaned up yesterday and a ton more have fallen. We are fortunate in that we have the types of trees that fall exactly 2 days before the first snowfall hits (sob sob) so it's always a mad scramble to get them out at the road for the town to collect. 

Favorite Halloween candy ... Reese's peanut butter everything! For the life of me I can't figure out how to duplicate that wonderful peanut butter filling. 

Oh any I completely agree about the shrinkage. Leave me the he** alone. If I want to eat myself to a early heart attack you can just shoot me up with some morphine (which is relatively cheap) and put me out to pasture. I say eat now because you never know if there will be McDonalds and Reese's in the afterlife lol.


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I have always loved Halloween! I buy the candy early and hide it from everyone, including myself. It usually works but sometimes I eat 2 or 3 mini candybars before Halloween. DH says he doesn't like sweets but he would gobble them all up if given the chance. 

My favorite candies were Reeses peanut butter cups and  Almond Joys. No one likes Almond Joys so I always scored when trading candy! I always trick or treated rain or shine, too. I came home with wet socks and shoes from stepping in ice cold puddles, and it was worth it for that candy haul!  

I remember my best friend, who was a bad influence, said that anyone who gave her non-candy items on Halloween got TP'd or egged later that night. (Her older brother was happy to have new targets.) I always said "Oh, give them a break. They are so OLD. They just don't understand." LOL. Now I am the old person, so the jokes on me! 

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Eff off to stupid people.  It seems like when you finally get rid of one, another appears.  Like weeds.

Eff off to DH's ungrateful brats for not calling in his birthday.  Except for Bratty, who texted, but still not great so she gets an eff off also.

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The Witches Brew KitKat are delicious.

Eff off to my glorious heating pad dying and my crap chair at work causing my back to need it. The pad kinda works, but then stops and I have to turn off and on the power supply several times before it will work again. Freaking Chinese junk. Also eff off to the fact that you can ONLY buy Chinese junk...cuz nobody else makes stuff anymore. *SIGH*

ETA: my grandmother used to make Belgian lukken cookies to hand out for Halloween. She would bag 5 of them up for each "treater". They were SO GOOD. Everyone knew my grandmother, because she was so involved with the church, so nobody had issue with taking her baked goodies (also very popular at church bake sales). A lot of people made a special trip to her house to get some. She made several hundred bags to hand out. Ah grandma, you are missed. 

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Eff off Friday on Sunday.  I keep missing Friday due to not being able to stay on my laptop until late due to my still broken but mending arm.

Eff off to my arm.  It mending but still not letting me sleep through the night.

Halloween F0rn

I used to love love love candy corn when I was young.  But OMG, I work friend brought me some from a trip to the US -bleeck.  It was too sweet and tasted awful.

Now I'd probably love a mini bag of popcorn

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Squirt Gum.


Though I have never been much of a candy guy.  Probably because my body know from very young that I was on my way to T-1 diabetes.

I prefered Snap-n-Pops as my Halloween treat.  There is nothing like a small incendiary device that you can throw at people feet or otherwise use to torment people with.

I-m so happy

Nothing to Eff-Off on since it has been a week.  I don't remember.