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Wonderful weekend with my Sister

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I spent a wonderful weekend with mys sister and her family. It was my nephews homecoming they are 16 and 18. It was so nice to be about teens who talked to me. Their dates were so nice too. We did the whole picture taking things and their dates even wanted pictures with me. Hugs and so nice seeing you again were said by the dates. There was no me just asking questions with yes, no , and fine answers. They all had conversations with me.  SO children are like this in no way at all. Such a difference . And I missed none of the drama at home at all.


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Happy you had a weekend with "normal" people. Nice, huh? To see how the real world is so different from StepHell.

When DHs kids were allowed in my life, I'd always sit back and watch the different interactions between them and my kids. Two different worlds. DHs kids would gather together in what seemed like their secret circle and the rest of the crowd mingled, talked and laughed, including my teen and young adult kids. DH's kids were perpetual 14 year olds and behaved as such. No idea these days as I haven't seen them in years. 

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yup thats where Im at too.

I think that because you are in the safe zone (ie not in bed with the parent), that makes you ok to talk to...I dunno.