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BM keeps asking for money

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So DH pays child support, however, BM keeps asking for more money. 

BM does not work, only her DH does. So I personally feel that since she cannot keep a job it is not our responsibility to keep shelling out money so BM can sit and home and just buy SD things and then come asking for money for it.

We have no issue buying SD things, I personally have bought her things with my own money no problem, I have a good job and happy to do so and do it because I want to. (keep in mind DH and I are engaged not married).

As of this week BM has asked for money for school lunches which we both feel should be covered from child support. She wants the lunch money so that daughter can buy school lunches every day so BM does not have to make lunches.

Then she sends DH a screenshot showing him that she ordered SD books and he can venmo or cashapp her money for the books...umm first of all DH does not use venmo or cashapp, he is old school and just not comfortable with those apps.

Ummm if SD wanted some books we are happy to buy them, however we can order them and send them to her (we have already done this in the past). DH is the one who made this statedment after he saw the text. 

Also it is like SD is supposed to call DH every night, and does not. She calls him once maybe twice a week. He sends her texts every morning to say good morning and she responds 1 out of maybe 4 or 5 times. When he calls her she does not always respond and sometimes she will not answer and text her back saying I am busy at that is it. 

End of rant, I guess my point is that maybe if SD called DH and let him know she would like something we would get it for her.

But she barely gives him the time of day, oh and BM keeps saying she wants to come visit, he said she wants to come visit but she won't even call or text me 

Very sad. I have a daughter whose father passed away from cancer when she was 2, she would be very happy to have a father to call and text and can't and this one does. okay I think rant is over.

Can't wait to hear either the positive and of course some attacks on this post.


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What does the court order say about extras? What are extras defined as? What does she think child support is for?

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lol good question, what does she think it is for? Maybe the new vehicle she bought? HAHA, Will check to see what is defined as extra's ....

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No. It is a full sentence.

Just because BM WANTS to be unemployed does not exclude her from supporting her child, in addition to her father. 

Child support is not intended to be FULL support, rather the non custodial parent's SHARE of support.

Your husband does not have to send BM any further funding (unless he WANTS to). IMHO, he should NOT as this could be used as an argument to INCREASE support. All of the things BM is asking for "additional" money are things that child support should cover. 

Sounds like it's time for bm to get off her lazy ass and get a job. If she and her husband have decided "it is best for their family for her to stay at home", then "they" need to figure out how bm's share of supporting her child will be paid. It definitely is not your husband's job to make up the deficit.

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Thank you, well that is the thing, he said not me, what is she trying to do and thinks she might take him back to court for more money.

Like I said happy to provide more, but like he said he barely gets to talk to daughter, she hardly calls or texts  and he'd like his daughter to call and say hey dad can you get me this? and he said he would be happy to (within reason of course). 

Right, get off your butt and get a job, apparently she has a hard time keeping jobs or gets them then quits.

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I would make sure your DH tells her that if she can't afford their daughter that she is welcome to come live with you guys. Child support is not a paycheck and she doesn't get to live off of it and not take care of SD's needs.

Things like books, or whatever else BM wants money for are things that should be spoken of in advance allow your FDH to say yes or no. Not just send me money. That isn't how this works at all. 

Like steppedout said- "No", is a complete sentence. 

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He needs to draw a boundary with his ex. BOTH of them are responsible for supporting their child, and c.s. is HIS share. If BM can't/won't support the child, then he's happy to assume primary placement.

Shut that poo down. And should he actually end up with primary placement, make it clear that he MUST make BM pay c.s. or there will be hell to pay with you.

Lastly, be careful in your spending on your DH's child. If I could do it all over again, I would only spend a fraction of what I did the first time around. What I was actually doing was overfunctioning for the two people ACTUALLY responsible for their kid. That's money you won't have for retirement or your own family.

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What's she spending the child support money on anyway?  If her husband is ok with her staying home they need to figure out their budget with what they already have coming in. If not then she needs to get a job.  I know she doesn't want to,  who does, but she may have to if she isn't able to live within her budget.  I am suspicious that she's not spending it on the child in question and her husband isn't thrilled with supporting someone else's child.  

My husband had to pay child support for a few years until SS came to live with us.  Not long after that BM got her minivan repossessed. Coincidence?  Doubtful. 

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Child support is absolutely to pay for food when SD is with her. He is right to either ignore or every once in a while throw out the "Child support is for food at your house, I will not be double paying for it"...and because I cannot stand people who are lazy and leech, I would throw in "especially when you refuse to work". 

I mean, I want to pet kittens all day rather than work, but it doesn't pay the bills. So here I am, with a JOB. That's how it works BM. *unknw*

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Heck NO. Child support does not mean that BM gets to sit on her butt and expect to live off of DH. If she wants money to enhance SD's life, she can go get a job and work for it. 

Our CO outlines that x amount of child support covers base support (i.e. food, housing, clothing, basic needs, etc.), x amount covers daycare and x amount covers medical. That's it. BM and DH both work and make similar incomes so that isn't an issue for us. Yet, BM used to email DH regularly asking DH for additional money for winter coats, field trip money, etc. DH told her "No, that it was covered under CS." She would sign SS up for tons of sports and camps that DH didn't agree with, then ask DH to pay half. DH declined, saying he would only pay if he agreed with the sports and since BM was using sports to deny parenting time, stating scheduling conflicts, he wouldn't pay. And he was under no obligation to pay it either. 

Our BM got angry with DH for repeatedly denying her requests for extras and accidentally let it slip that she was using CS payments to pay off her student loans so she needed extra money to actually care for SS. DH made sure to keep that documented. 

Don't send her additional money. Your BM can get off her butt and get a job. Let her take DH to court for more money. It will look real pathetic for her to be sitting doing nothing, expecting DH to fully pay for her lifestyle. 

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Thank you, I like that you suggested "discuss"in advance. Right if she chose to buy the books that was her decision, not buy them and be like can you give me money after she made that decision. It is so easy to buy books or most things on amazon and have them shipped to his daughter.

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Thank you, I like that you suggested "discuss"in advance. Right if she chose to buy the books that was her decision, not buy them and be like can you give me money after she made that decision. It is so easy to buy books or most things on amazon and have them shipped to his daughter.

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Giving BM more money won't solve the problem. Your DH is paying his obligation. If SD needs something beyond what CS covers, BM needs to talk to DH. If SD wants something, she can ask her dad. It really is that simple.

If DH is worried BM will take him back to court, he can look up the CS calculator online and determine how much he could be paying. If it's a small amount, BM may get laughed out of court. If it's a large amount, he needs to budget for it (and maybe consider requesting an adjustment himself just to keep things from escalating).

Regarding nightly phone calls - that's too much. She is communicating 1-2 times a week. That seems pretty reasonable. He may want it to be more, but with her age, more than that is going to be daunting for her. Not everyone likes phone calls, even kids with their parents. Unless she stops communicating altogether, I think what is happening now is fine.

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Making school lunch and wants to order in but clearly has spent cs on frivolous things. So maybe if she got a job, she would have more money on hand.

she's taking your fiance for a ride and he needs to put his foot down and state cs covers school lunch. Biomum can't just screw him over with luxury things when not in a financial position to do so if her own doing. 

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The Girhippo! The Gir was a stay-in-bed mom when they split up. She told Chef that because of this, Chef owed his ENTIRE salary to her!!! And had him believing it at first!

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Waaaait a minute. Now that I think about it I feel dumb spelling this out, but child support is supposed to cover lunches and other purchases for the kid? Our BM is always demanding money for lunches and other things too and BF just lays down and takes it. It's coming down to the end for me and BF yet again and this is another thing to add to the list. 

Good for you for standing your ground.

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You can look up the specific laws for your state/territory, but generally speaking, CS is meant to cover basic living expenses for kids. That would include food, shelter, clothing, and other basic supplies. School lunch falls under the "food" category so it should be covered.

Where it gets dicier is when it comes to "extras". Daycare is typically considered an extra. Extracurricular activities are an extra. Medical care outside health insurance premiums is an extra (since health insurance premiums are typically calculated into CS orders). Cell phones, car insurance, school supplies and fees - those are all in a weird gray area of "might be covered by CS" and "might not be covered by CS". College expenses are a whole other set of wacky, too.

That's why strong court orders need to be in place along with CS. The court order should outline each parent's respective contribution to items not covered by CS.

It's not always super cut and dry as to what is and isn't covered by CS.