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Netflix Update

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Well Little Idiot asked for the password. She texted DH (first time in months - she only texts when she wants something). At first I was proud of DH - he told her we didn't use it so we canceled it. Reasonable right? Well he must have been feeling extra guilty because he immediately texted "but we have other streaming subscriptions I can give you the password for" (which she already has). Ugh I am so tired of being with a divorced dad. 


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He has no spine at all.

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Cancel them all and only resubscribe to the ones YOU want and only YOU know the password for. Eff that noise.

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Omg really? Sounds like my DH a few years ago. Then I cancelled most of the channels and resubscribed, and didn't give out the password since I pay for it. The skids were sharing the passwords with their sister, who is 20 and doesn't even live with them. They wanted my Amazon password, which would allow them to purchase things on my Amazon account, and I said no way.They can watch it at our house but not at their moms. 

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I'm just shaking my head.

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