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O/T - Vent

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Ugh I am so tired of living in an apartment and hope we have success in the springtime buying a house because the last couple of weeks apartment living has been TOUGH. We live on the corner of the property which is great because it is pretty quiet and secluded, but the downside is the parking. We have one reserved spot right out front and on one side of us starts the rest of the complex's reserved spots but on the other is a handicap spot and then the extra area for a wheel chair lift. Right across from our building and behind our parking spot is the bricked in recycling area so there is just enough space to pull down this paved area to park our car. So all these "nice" cars park in the handicap spot next to us that are not handicap after our leasing office is closed because unless leasing calls the towing company and is there to sign for the tow, they do not tow anyone. Besides the fact that none of these people are handicap the annoyance of this is unless we back into our parking space, if someone parks in that spot it take a 10+ point maneuver to pull out of our spot. In our lease you aren't even supposed to back into parking spots on the property. 

On Sunday, we left to pick up food and there was someone in the handicap spot, okay whatever at least we were backed in, but when we returned another car pulled next to that car and up on to the curb and sidewalk of the building as well. Last October we bought a brand new large SUV and that was the first time I have ever purchased a brand new car so this is always in our reserved spot and our couple year old SUV parks in the general spot. So my petty annoyance with all this is I don't want our car damaged by assholes parking in handicap spots who are not handicap especially when it sometimes is super difficult to pull out of our spot when people do so. In the year plus we have lived here there have only been 2 people with handicap plates parking there. Which doesn't annoy us at all no matter what direction we are parked in because they are supposed to park in that spot.

My second biggest annoyance right now is two dog owners, one in particular who puts their dog on their balcony all day to bark at any other dogs that walk by, all day, everyday. The one dog that I am unsure of the breed is not out there all the time, but quite often. The other owner has a husky who from 7 am ish until after 4 pm is on the balcony all day. It is just so cruel to that husky, it has been high 80's the last couple of days and the sun shines directly on her balcony so usually the dog is hiding behind her huge lounge chair also on the balcony. The reason besides how it is cruel to the dog this bothers me is because I have been working REALLY hard on better leash training my 1 year old chocolate lab. I walk him twice a day at minimum and usually right before 8 am and at 4 pm exactly because there are less people and less dogs walking around. We are working on his pulling on the leash, barking at people, and barking at other dogs and it is so frustrating that one of the back dog/walking paths is where this husky and other dog live that bark their heads off at us walking by. I have been able to get it that our dog barks back once or twice at most now if at all so that is progress instead of barking his head off back, but it totally amps him up sometimes so the rest of the walk sucks. Yet again, the dogs aren't supposed to be on the balcony without people, especially all day, and especially not barking their heads off. 

Thirdly there are so many pet owners that do not pick up after their dogs it is crazy and disgusting. Which doesn't surprise me how our puppy got worms and a parasite last year.

Anyways, the solution to all of our annoyances, smaller ones that are not mentioned here as well, is to buy a home.  Leasing sure sends emails about fining people on all sorts of rules not followed by leasing and nothing is actually done about it because people just do whatever they want here. Complaining to leasing does nothing either, they talk a big game, but nothing changes. We are actually forgoing a trip we wanted to go on next month and are saving the money instead since we really want a house and we haven't planned hardly at all for the trip so we will just go another time when it is planned out better in advance. It was the smart move for us to not buy a house right away when we first moved here, but it is time to put apartment living behind us.


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Fwiw, I'd contact the local animal protection services and report your neighbour for their treatment of the husky. Not only should it not be stuck on a balcony all day long, but it shouldn't be left on its own. Huskies are THE pack animal and are VERY unhappy when alone. On top of that, they are working dogs and need much more exercise than most. Finally, they are highly intelligent and will go crazy if they have nothing to keep them occupied. This dog is suffering 

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it is just terrible. At most I have seen her take the dog out to the bathroom, but never on a walk and never to the dog park or anything besides the balcony. I LOVE huskies and think they are beautiful. DH and I actually one day want a husky mastif mix, BUT we don't have the room for one inside or outside to give a big dog like that a good quality of life right now. 

I think the owner is a nurse or something and works night shift because her car is there all day and the dog is on the balcony so I assume it's because she is trying to sleep or because the husky is destructive which they can be when bored and not getting exercise. However, none of that is an excuse to treat her dog that way. Someone else who lives here has a husky and a dalmation which we see being walked, taken to the dog park, and I am pretty sure either goes to work with them or to doggy day care.

I told DH when we got our lab that he is going to be a big dog and needs to be exercised so we MUST walk him more than once a day, take him to the dog park, etc. This routine slacked a bit when SD was here because he needs to be better leash trained, but he is improving big time now that we are back on it. I can't wait to get a back yard for him and our other dog, but that is the difference between me and this dog owner.

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I second this!

I dispise people that treat animals poorly - and this definitely fits the bill.

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For the husky.

That being said, our next door neighbors dog barks whenever we go in the back yard for any reason. Such a pain.

Sending you good vibes towards buying a home. Its a different sort of stress, but overall since we bought our home its doubled in value and I lovelovelove my home. I just wish I could pick it up and move it to next town west...

Ive lived in condos and apartments, and they suck unless its a luxury property in a fabulous location with management that cares.

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That is definitely annoying. I mean as dog owners you get it that dogs are going to bark here and there, but then there are lazy dog owners that do not train their dog. 

Thank you! We purposefully didn't pick a luxury property because we knew we wanted to buy a home soon so we wanted to bank the extra money and all I keep telling myself is hopefully in the late spring we will have a home and it will all be worth it LOL

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Yes you WILL be buying your new home. Just imagine after youve moved in and organised how you want and you are sitting on the couch in front of a fireplace of some kind, thinking "now just how am I going to decorate that mantel?

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I love it! Smile

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I've been renting too and the irresponsible pet owners do not pick up the dog poo, common in community living, we can be the poop police and turn in owners that fail to discard the turds, it's a never-ending problem. 

My unit faces the pool, the large dogs go on the balconies and bark at each other, the sound reverberates with the pool, sounds like a dog kennel, no joke. The chihuahua barking was the worst! 

Today I saw the animal welfare truck outside. They had to remove a very agitated great dane and a senior dog that were abandoned yesterday in the empty apartment after the owner moved out. Apparantly, owner is older, couldn't care for these two dogs anymore, left them water and food in the vacant unit...and called today to inform the manager.

Parking stinks in community living! Sorry you have unnecessarily navigate your vehicle. I've lived in NW Florida for 8 years and never had so many door dents (not dings) in my cars. I have a 2022 car now and people swing into parking spots with their big SUV's, park at an angle and leave 6 inches for the driver to get in their own vehicle. At the end of the day, we can be thankful we are decent and kind humans.

It'll be so nice when you get the right home at the right time with a garage or two! If you can do cartwheels in your new home, you have some good livable space! Hugs

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we can turn in owners too, but I never notice who it is. There has been a couple feces on the sidewalk right out of leasing for DAYS now and hasn't been picked up. Both DH and I have picked up other dogs poo at the dog park because we don't want our dogs stepping in it while running around and it is just ridiculous. Complain about it and it will change, but a couple weeks later same old same old. We refuse to pick any up unless it is in the dog park. I actually loudly say to my dog each time this week walking by it "don't step in the dog poo that is still on the sidewalk" and the leasing office's window is right there, but still they haven't picked it up!

Ugh I am sorry you are going through all that and those poor dogs! DH always says I am much more sensitive when it comes to animals. I love watching true crime and all these documentaries about crime, serial killers, etc. but an animal gets killed in a movie or show? I am such a baby about it. LOL

Hahaha, this is true! I am at this point just anxious about it.