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Sd is back to being besties with her ex bfffl

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So ex bfffl (a term she made for all her friends she had and lost meaning best friend forever for life) is sd's ex bfffl for basically all the reasons i hate her, her lies, her constant complaining, her manipulations, her entitlement, her evil nature.... but i saw sd's post on tiktok (i don't follow her, but her stuff ends up on my feed sometimes)  posting about how she loves these girls (ex bfffl included in the post)  and BM commented saying "love you girls" which has me VERY much laughing my @$$ off because ACCORDING TO sd they all were at some school athletic game of sorts (not together, they all just happened to be there), and BM went to the bathroom, apparently these girls were in there, and when BM left and the door shut, BM heard them call her a b!t€#... and according to sd this specific girl made fun of sd after they broke up,  making fun of the fact that she had a crush on a guy, then when the guy asked for nudes, she said no, then the guy called her fat and ugly... now if a girl did that to my daughter, and called me a b!t€# I'm not going to say "love you girls"... i wouldn't be supportive of the friendship at all.  

Do i believe all this stuff actually happened... no, i think sd just made it all up to give reasons of why she isn't friends with these girls anymore so she doesn't have to admit that this girl is right about her being just an all around horrible person... BM could 100% be lying about hearing that girl call her a b!t€#, or sd could be lying that BM even said that..  they are BOTH liars and manipulators.    So who knows... but yea, this tiktok post had me LAUGHING

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Laughhhhhh and LAUGH ! Oh LAWRDY do I laugh to myself when I see the one troubled skiddo, mean DIL, and her manuplative MIL pretend everything is picture perfect and I know behind the scenes it is NOT. Let them live in their pretend fantasy far far far away from you. :D 

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Meanwhile their son took his wife and daughter and moved as far as he could go from them and has had little to do with them for decades,  Their eldest daughter (my adulterous skank whore of an XW)  has three cheat children, two who were conceived by someone else when she was married to one of her two earlier DH's (she was pregnant with the first cheat baby when she moved out of our recently purchased home, and got knocked up with #3 after the one that knocked her up with #1 & #2 finally married her).  She is on no less than DH #3.  XMIL is now a convicted felon former federal prison inmate.  The family was sued by XMIL's former employer and lost a $Multi-Million judgement. My XW's share of that pay back was $2Mil.  XMIL was arrested by the Federal Marshals as the family walked out of the civil suit hearing where they were nailed for paying back the $Millions XMIL/they stole from her employer.


They had their entire community snowed on the facade while they were actually a depraved shallow and polluted gene pool of nastiness, adultery and embezzlement.  My XFIL was even on the city council for a number of years.  My dad was not one to drink the facade Kool-Aid.  He asked me, as we were approaching our wedding day, how a low level State Gov't employee and an office administrator could afford to live in the most desireable zip code in the metro area and afford a ranch outside of the city.  

I was young and naive and missed all of the cues that were blaring to my dad.. at the time.  Fortuneatly I escaped without having children with her and long before their family embezzlement business was discovered.  XW's DH number 2 divorced her during that whole mess after she  got knocked up by her then BoyFriend/Cheat baby-daddy #2 and ultimately DH#3.

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Totally wild Rags - reality is better then fiction at times. :D