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StepDaddyBigBucks and the Girhippo

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Are still together.   Despite having the new (downsized) house in the Gir's name only.   Perhaps SDBB had to reduce his known assets for some unknown reason. 

Saw a photo on one of SDBB's relatives social media showing the Amazonian Gir towering over the other female relatives in the photo.  SDBB looks as though he has lost weight and is not sporting glasses (he ALWAYS had his glasses on in photos).

The Gir looks like HIS mom!  She is obviously out of shape (always had been even when she was young) and is now wearing glasses.   She is not aging well.  She is 51 and it's looking rather matronly.  WTF?

Have NO idea if the HousesHitter 19.5 has moved with them.   He's working full time as far as I know but Chef still has to pay CS until he turns 21 (NYS).


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Does SDBB have tax troubles? BM (who is a CPA) did not file taxes every year, so owed over $50k to the IRS after the divorce. BM had agreed in the divorce decree that she would take care of all the tax debt (for her accounting business, no less), but she didn't and because she worked for herself while DH worked for the government, money was garnished from DH's pay until he got an innocent spouse ruling from the IRS. She couldn't buy a house after the divorce so her parents bought a house for her and then gifted it to her an ex husband #2 several years later. Now, she owns the car that supposedly went to ex husband #2 in the divorce because of unpaid tax debts (the car is not paid for, BM was paying for it in exchange for ex husband #2 not making a claim on the gifted house in the divorce; I assume maybe they had a big tax bill due to exH2's "business" and BM insisted that she take the car back as payment). Mortgage companies don't like to approve people with tax debts (we had to provide DH's multiple innocent spouse rulings to be approved because the tax debt was mentioned in the divorce decree).

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Back in 2005.  The Gir dumped him with all the martial debt, auto loan, etc. then prematurely withdrew the skids' 3 bank accounts (college fund from Chef's workers comp claim when he killed several spinal discs) and "forgot" to report it.

She also had the gall to demand Chef pay for the reduced amount owed!!!!

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Is going to bankrupt SDBB.  she already lost the BIG house.  Next are the cars. Then divorced number 2  she needs a new SDBigger B.   House sitter is going to need more money. He getting older. He needs new sports car and new. Apartment.  Has to get those woman.  

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She actually sold the marital house back in 2005 at the height of the housing boom and kept all the proceeds as she conned  Chef into signing a quit claim deed.

Probably rolled the proceeds of the jointly owned  house they (SDBB) bought late 2008 into this 1,000 sq footer.


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Just before covid hit.  Impeccable timing.  Sold the food truck and all their equipment.   They must not have been doing too well during the booming economy of 2017-2019!

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from her employer over about 30 years.  In hind sight my XW did not fall morally far from the example set by my XMIL.

XMIL was arrested by the Federal Marshals as the family was exiting the court room from the $Multi Million civil suit ruling from the business owner suing the entire family.  My XW's share of the pay back was $2Mil according to her BFFs DH who I am still friends with. The geriatric fortune 500 executive sugar/baby daddy she left me for divorced her during that law suit and the Federal investigation into the whole family that put my XMIL in prison.

It is not an infrequent event when toxic Xs show their true colors.

Fortunately, I was long gone and not included in the asset recovery law suit by XMILs employer or nailed in the legal settlement.  Most importantly, I did not pollute my gene pool with that DNA cesspool of moral and character bankruptcy.

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If Battleaxe Galactica ever got in trouble with the law.  She now has Alzheimers, but was always known as "having a different pair of boots under her bed each week. "  This despite that entire family being unattractive with few exceptions.