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This why you don't make a deal with Beaver...aka Satan's minion

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Ah,..SD when will you learn....never make a deal with Satan or Satan's minion..aka your mother..aka Beaver.

SD has been wanting a hamster.  MMM...this momma is petted I said no to Hamster here.  I don't want to be taking care of a Hamster while SD was at Beavers.  SD then asked if she got a Hamster and took it back and forth would that work. MMM.....maybe.  Sd also had to pay for everything for the Hamster.  Two cages, the carrying case, bedding, food, etc.  SD agreed.  What would she do in the Winter...since the Hammy couldn't travel in winter.   These things die at the drop of hat...shock of cold weather would certainly RIP the Hamster.  SD can't leave Hamster at Beaver's during the winter because when SD is here....Beaver WILL NOT TAKE care of the Hamster. She will let it die....(Beaver's house is the place where pets go to suffer and die)

Sd worked it out..

Same cage both houses so the Hamster doesn't freak out...carrying case. during the winter it will stay at our house..but SD will take care of it before and after school since she is here anyway.  SD figured out the costs and how much she would need to make to keep the Hamster in food/bedding/treats, etc.  

I'm still not that thrilled but long as the above applies.  During Beaver's week, except for Winter, the hamster is at Beavers

Then SD approaches Beaver...Beaver initially says no.  SD works on Beaver and she relents and SD gets the Hamster.  SD does as she says...gets all the equipment for both houses, etc.  SD pays for this by herself...etc.

Beaver then informs SD yesterday that she will no longer be dropping of SD to our house before school (school starts on the 11th). SD asks what about the Hamster she has to drop it off on Fridays....and what about Winter?  SD reminds Beaver she agreed to this...BEFORE SD got the Hamster. Beaver says tough..that is your problem.  My new shift means I would have to wait 30 minutes or so before I can clock in and I don't want to wait.  So nope..not dropping your off anymore.

SD is PISSED....since she also told her friend she would be on the bus everyday...and she made all these plans based on Beaver's agreement.  SD is now trying to figure out wth to do.......The Hamster can still stay here in Winter since SD will still come here after school so she can take care of it then.  Beaver just basically upended all of SD's plans...just because it might be slight inconvienence to her.  Are we shocked..NOPE....its always about Beaver.

And this folks is why you don't make a deal with Satan's minion....the deal will always change it..and it will NEVER be in your favor.


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I swear Beaver does this sh*t deliberately.  Poor SD.

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and then will turn around buy SD a bunch of in she showed up here with a brand new backpack and fake nails.


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Nope...sad lesson for SD to learn, has Hammy already been purchased. I feel like Hammy will have a short life if he/she has to spend any time at Beaver's. I foresee Beaver "accidentally" leaving the cage open and Hammy roaming free only to be squashed, starved, or meet some other unfortunate fate.