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Confirmed SD will be in Kindergarten this year!

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BM took SD to register for school on Tuesday. BM told DH that the principal and the board would have a meeting on Wednesday after they received and reviewed SD's file from her previous school then would call on Wednesday about SD being placed in first grade or kindergarten. Also, mentioned possible testing for placement. Yesterday after end of business day, DH followed up with BM to see if she had heard anything and she hadn't. Today DH followed up again with BM, who said "No, I am going to call." DH responded saying "Okay. Let me know what they say. I was going to call and follow up, but wanted to see if they had contact you first."

Don't you know, right after he said that, BM said "I actually missed their call. She will be in kindergarten." 

DH and I are thrilled that the new school did not let BM push SD to first grade. I bet after seeing she missed 20 days of school, all the notes from the meetings, and anything else in her file from last year, they felt like everyone else except BM that SD should repeat kindergarten especially since it is a new school, new district, etc. Finally can close that chapter and hopefully shouldn't be much need for meetings outside of conferences. Hoping this is a much better year for SD and no need for 5:30 am meetings every month for us to attend. 



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a MUCH better year for her after the foundation you gave her this summer. She now has something to build on - kudos!

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We are really happy the new school stuck to their policy and is doing what is best for SD

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I hope SD succeeds this time.  In our case, Satan kept Killjoy out of school for 20 days every year.

In my cynical opinion, the longer BM keeps SD in school, the longer she stays on the CS train.


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hopefully BM doesn't try to do the same thing. According to the school's handbook they are a lot stricter on their attendance and even outlines at what point they call social services, etc. so we shall she how it goes

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Yay for them doing what's best for her! I'm sure you're so relieved ❤️

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I'm very pleased to hear that! She's going to have so much more confidence in herself. 

Here's hoping that it's the kind of school that considers attendance to be primordial. Someone needs to be on BM's case about that. 

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spent all summer building that confidence! Telling her practice is how you learn things, that she's smart, and that she knows things and if she has moment where she forgets how to remember the next number or the sound of the letter, etc.