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Divorce Filings in Court

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I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this so I apologize in advanced.  My boyfriend of 1 1/2 years is going through a nasty divorce.  He went 18 months not seeing his daughter (15 now) and has temporary custody until the final dissolution- September 15th.  The daughter hates it here- we are in Indiana and her mother lives in Florida.  She has spent the majority of her time in Florida, has been there the last 5 weeks.  

The divorce and financial side of things is very complicated as he has owned his own business for 30 years so there is alot of assets, home here, home in Florida, etc etc.  That has been a mess to say the least.  

Anyway- the original divorce filing in December 2019 stated Domestic relations with children.  

His ex has just filed in court a new filing that states: Domestic relations without children.  

I'm confused as to how she can file a new case and what it all means.  Alittle history on the daughter.  My boyfriend could not have kids, so they used Intro to get pregnant with his daughter.  She has even gone as far as to tell the daughter that my boyfriend isn't the real father.  Is it possible she's going that direction?  Or is there seperate filings you can do in a divorce situation.  

Its' heartbreaking to me that she is doing what she is doing, I know she will do whatever she can to destroy my boyfriend.  I'm just trying to figure out how you can file under one scenerio and now over two years later file under another.  


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Can she file? Sure. She can file whatever she wants, but that doesn't mean it will get her anywhere. So long as your BF is on the birth certificate, my assumption would be that he is legally her father (and given that he has temporary custody, I'm not seeing how she could file without children and somehow get a hearing unless she is hoping to lose her own rights).

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They are divorcing... assuming they were married when the child was born, that automatically makes him the legal father regardless of biology.