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I had my baby girl Monday

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She came on the most perfect day which was July 18th it also happens to be the day my father passed away 12 years ago so of course there were so many emotions. It was a prettt easy birth and we are home now and it's actually really peaceful. I haven't had many people come visit because of COVID going back up in my city. My nephew actually has it now so I'm paranoid. I was tested in the hospital out of routine and no one in my house hold has it or really is around a brunch of people so we are in a little bubble right now. My birthday is also today but of course are home not doing much but getting some take out . I think my mom and sister will finally see the baby Saturday (mask will be worn) we don't have SD thank god this weekend but I'm not sure if she is coming next weekend but I'm a little worried because she came here last time with a cough and thank god no one caught it but I know she goes to visit a lot of friends and stuff so o guess's DH will just have to make a point to ask about sick ness before hand. Other then that things have been pretty smooth, DH has been here supporting and helping where he can so hopefully things can continue to be smooth 


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Welcome to your new bundle of joy.

Focus on her she is what matters  Smile

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Congratulations on your new bundle of happiness! Glad that it was easy and stress-free.


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DS30 is having a baby any day now, and we all had to make sure our DPT shots were up to date, per his pediatrician.


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Awwwww Smile

Congratulations on the birth of your precious baby girl.