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Not sure what to do (Cont. from MiL favors SD)

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So I recently posted about my MIL showing favoritism towards SD12 which is beyond annoying ! SD rarely comes now so thankfully when we see MIL SD isn't with us ... and MIL always ask "where's SD" I feel line saying " you know exactly where she is, she didn't wanna come again" but that would hold SD responsible and we can't have that! Well my MIL made plans with my SIL on July 4 th weekend for all of us to go the the beach together ! Which is awesome because i enjoy hanging out with SIL and DH niece who is 19, they all really enjoy having DD3 and DS5 around as well BUT that weekend is DH weekend to have SD and I cringe at the thought of mIL sucking up to SD the whole entire day. We have never ever really gone and done anything like this with MIL and SIL ever . Last time they all went to Florida and took SD but didn't even ask to atleast take BS who was probably almost 5 at the time which I thought was shitty . So anyways I'm conflicted, I wanna go and have a good time with the kids at the beach with SIL and DH but I do not at all feel like being around MIL with Sd there. I'm hopinh

maybe it's a weekend when SD is too tired to come but I think DH might beg her to come ... what do you guys think ?


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I'd go simply for the sake of your kids... when MIL does her typical bull s**t I'd quite literally ignore her or use it as an opportunity to publically showcase her favoritism... but that said lately I'm an asshole (I'm pregnant with my second) and am just not tolerating anyones shit...

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Lmao omg that has been my motto for a whole month! I'm too pregnant to care . Girl I'm right there with you, I'm 33 weeks and over the BS! Lol

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Thanks! I'll be keeping you all posted but I'm 33 weeks pregnant and it's getting pretty hard to hold in my comments lol I already think it's shit we have to have a room as a place holder for SD while we squeeze the new babies stuff in our room. But I'm letting it slide for now 

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I'm dealing with the same thing!!!!! We do have SS14 50/50 so he has a room, and our two will have to share. Problem is that I have DD2 and am pregnant with a boy so idk how long they will be able to share...

Straight faced last night DH said "I wonder if we re-did the basement for DD2 if that would work?" I quite literally laughed out loud and said "while DD2 is probably more capable of living in the basement over SS14- I think the part time teen can make the move downstairs versus the 2 y/old toddler." SMH!!!!!

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Yea the only reason why I am letting it slide now is because the baby will sleep in a bassinet with us for a bit. We were lucky with DD 3 as she started to sleep through the night when she was like 2 months old . Because she was a girl she shared a room with SD and it didn't matter if she got up because no one was in the room. But now DS5 and BS10 share a room, and SD and DD3 but with SD hardly coming I think later down the road when the new baby is like 2 I'm gonna want her and DD share. I am having a girl. Ugh rooms but I think your SS should be ok in the basement 

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When we had our 2nd we stopped keeping a "placeholder" room for SD. There was no way I was going to have one baby waking up the other when there was an empty shrine to SD.

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Snappy answers to stupid questions. 

"Where's SD?"

"I don't know, its not my turn to hold the leash."

"Turn around...I think I last saw her sniffing your ass."

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Yup my answer has been "she didn't wanna come !" "She didn't wanna see you " lol 

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When dear ol grandmama shows favortism to SD, or mourns that the princess didnt show up  as Rags would say bare her ass.

SD not there  and MIL is in mourning  "we can still have fun even though your favorite isnt here"

SD is there and MIL showing favortism ignoring yours "hey grandmama you do have other grandchildren here. Maybe spend some time with them"

No more skirting around this B of a MIL. She causes you and your kids so much damage. F the high road. Time to let it out.

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Yup I'm over this crap!!! Giving SD money just because $50!! I get maybe $10 or $20 but $50 on SDs birthday for a child who doesn't give 2 shits about you ! And asking for the alone pictures , and the "ohhh and Ahhhs" everytime she sees her makes me sick . I'm hoping SD just flakes out 

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Look her dead in the eye and say, "Stop asking me that" or "Why do you keep asking me that?"


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Go.. let MIL and SD have their little alliance and you are free to enjoy your SIL etc.. with your kids.. and you can ignore BOTH of them!

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I hear you. I hate being around DH's family because they all fawn over SSs (both 16) while DD (18 months) bascially entertains herself. I would skip all family gatherings, but since I don't trust anyone (including DH, but that's another story) to keep my toddler safe, I go to make sure she is getting what she needs.