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Wanting to be away from home

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Why is it that if feels better to be at work or out sometimes when there is so much going on at home? 

Like at times my step kids fight each other alot and dissagreements, disrespectfuk mouths. And their mom doesnt do much bout it. Not enough consistancy in the house and dealing with rude step kids. When it comes time for work i feel so much better staying there all day. Have you ever felt like this before?

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Working overtime to avoid home... well avoid my ex. Who never had a job. Yeah when you're unhappy,  you'll avoid it. Now I feel that way EOW... I dread the days my skids are here.  Not because they're outta control but because they are entitled and come over to hole up in their rooms all weekend. Why?? Why do they still come over? Yeah I've avoided things, usually when I'm depressed. 

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I have worked longer hours to avoid going home. Or working late from home. It works.

If your SO isn't hearing you then physically remove yourself. It's been a part of my disengaging.

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Everyone needs a place to feel safe, loved, and important. Ideally that should be in your own home. Reality is our home environment is not always that place. It should be though. Its sad when a home environment does not give you that.